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    Oily Jackson


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    Intel 3570
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    Asus P8 Z77-V LX
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    Kingston Technology HyperX 8 GB 1600 MHz
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    Nvidia Windforce 3 970
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    Fractal design define R4
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    1TB WD Caviar Black & 240GB Hyper X 3k SSD
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    Corsair TX 650W
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    Ye old generic display
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    Titan cooler( it's terrible)
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    Ducky Shine 4
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    Custom One Pros
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    Windows 10

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    PC's, PC games, 3D modelling and rendering, C#. 3D Printing, VR, Design, Engineering.
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    Mechanical Engineering at newcastle university.
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  1. Corsair RGB Stand leak!

  2. Corsair RGB Stand leak!

    The only word I can think is innovation. they were brave to do this.
  3. Games request

    yeah get deluge and torrent them (not mentioning sites because it's against the forums TOS) but I think there is a battlefield 1 demo. if not you can get ea access which I think has it it's only like $5 or something a month.
  4. Levovo has a go at a mixed reality headset

    this isn't even my final form
  5. Must have programs?

    7zip, deluge, vlc, notepad++
  6. if anything it'll make the GPU last longer. not sure if it would be the bearings in the fan or the GPU that'd die first. probably power delivery stuff will fail first? I wouldn't really know as I haven't had a GPU fail on me. I had a 660ti that I hammered daily with gaming and rendering with 3ds max and it was fine for a good 3 years I have a 970 now and it's more of the same. Basically I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't have it that high personally as I find the noise to be quite irritating after a certain percentage, as long as the temps are fine there's no problems.
  7. Can i revive my i7?

    it should have some thermal protection I think once it goes over 100 it should just auto turn off so it should be fine.
  8. I need help

    yeah it'll be fine... games that get the most benefit from it like CS:GO are quite easy to run. I get like 250 fps on cs on max settings with a 970.
  9. Cooler Master Fan Life 280000 vs 40000 hrs, pls hlp

    probably the bearings if I had to guess.
  10. PSU throttling? Furmark involved

    I would imagine it's the CPU being throttled as it has to send the instructions to the GPU. doubt it's the PSU. is the GPU at full utilization when cinebench is running?
  11. Arduino not showing up on mac

    If it's a clone theres sometimes issues with uploading, I've had a similar issue with a cheap 3d printer control board which used an arduino mega board. Just hit the reset button on the board just before the upload on the sketch is done. There also could be issues with drivers but I'm not sure as I haven't used my mac with an arduino.
  12. Getting replacement crowns for bearings

    that's the annoying thing, they work perfectly fine... take the crown out and they're just unbalanced as hell.
  13. I was just wondering if you knew any sites for getting nylon bearing crowns or metal cages would probably suffice this is for 608 bearings(skateboard ones). I think I may have broken them by general wear and tear and also my board was left in my car so there were some pretty drastic temperature changes that probably made the nylon crack over time or at least it certainly didn't help at all.
  14. A core xy (hyper cube)or a cr 10? You could probably make it quieter by getting a ramps board and replacing the motor drivers can't remember the specific ones but there's two options usuallyu for it and one of those is the quieter one.
  15. Ps4 Bluetooth Dead

    usb cable into your PS4?