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    Oily Jackson


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    Intel 3570
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    Asus P8 Z77-V LX
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    Kingston Technology HyperX 8 GB 1600 MHz
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    Nvidia Windforce 3 970
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    Fractal design define R4
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    1TB WD Caviar Black & 240GB Hyper X 3k SSD
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    Corsair TX 650W
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    Ye old generic display
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    Titan cooler( it's terrible)
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    Ducky Shine 4
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    Custom One Pros
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    Windows 10

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    PC's, PC games, 3D modelling and rendering, C#. 3D Printing, VR, Design, Engineering.
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    Mechanical Engineering at newcastle university.
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  1. Does G-Sync affect (take a toll) on in-game FPS?

    it's pointless if you've got really high frames but there's a workable range where it works best, depending on the monitor. usually 40-144? I think.
  2. I'm proper worried. I have a feeling I have Pleural Effusion basically liquid around the lungs. About mid day I had the worst back pain of my life and now when I lie on my left hand side in bed I hear fluid moving around due to my heart. Is this the kind of thing to go to A&E to? It's kinda of late here nearly 1am should I just bite the bullet and go? 

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    2. STRMfrmXMN


      get better my guy

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      on second thought , i call dibs on your PC . :ph34r: I'll pm you my mailing address.

    4. werto165


      Haha. Well sods law that as soon as I get in there to get checked  I seem to make a miraculous recovery. But this morning I still notice something not quite right. It's only when I'm in a certain position tried recording it with my phone and it sort of worked :/ gonna get an appointment with a GP hopefully it's present when I go. Now this is getting personal! 


  3. ah no problem. I have a rift myself. Just curious if you had used it at all. personally I think VR is best when you're connected with people. My favourite experiences have been within altspace vr but that was the earlier days not sure what it is like at the moment. I really think that valve are slacking with their content. Oculus' stuff has been great. Robo recall was superb(I know not totally oculus but still) . Gave it to my brother though whilst I'm at uni so I'm only going to be able to use when I go home for christmas, but by that time there will be a new oculus home update that looks fucking sweet and I really want to play arkitika 1 and I NEED talos principle VR. If only they could create more content like henry I'd be all over that. Can't wait till pixar and similar get onto VR.
  4. you use vorpx to do that or just take a screenshot in ansel to look at it?
  5. What have you tried? need some more info dude.
  6. SLR app all I'm gonna say.
  7. One plus one on it's last legs

    got the p10 lite perfectly fine with it. soooo much better battery life managed to get through a whole day from about 12pm when I bought it to now that was with 60% charge now it's on 18%. quite pleased overall, but does feel like an iphone clone which isn't really a bad thing to be honest. fingerprint readers make your life so much easier jesus it's brill
  8. One plus one on it's last legs

    I got the oneplus one when it was fairly cheap I think it was £200 at the time or close to that. that phone I linked seems fine to me tbh.
  9. One plus one on it's last legs

    can't seem to find those anywhere cheers tho.
  10. One plus one on it's last legs

    something like this one?https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huawei-P10-Lite-SIM-Free-Smartphone-Black/dp/B071L39H8L/ref=sr_1_1?s=telephone&ie=UTF8&qid=1507156812&sr=1-1&refinements=p_89%3AHuawei
  11. Just wondering what phones are decent now. haven't really kept up with phones recently at all I would want to spend a max of £300 probably. 64GB preferably and as close to stock android as possible.
  12. Do the ryzen 1200 chips that come with the wraith cooler come with thermal compound installed?

    1. ARikozuM


      Yes, they do. You should have made a thread for this though. 

    2. werto165


      probably should have but cheers anyway. 

  13. VR ready PC.

    I have a 970 myself with my PC and it runs VR just fine , this is for my brother. how does the 970 compare to a 1050ti? I thought min spec now was like a 960 with ASW? He didn't play the most demanding games ever. He played rec room the most which I don't think is too demanding. But I'll try and fit a 1060 in. Just thought that a 1050ti was going to be close to a 970 obviously not from looking online.
  14. VR ready PC.

    do you think 1200 or 1300x ?
  15. VR ready PC.

    oh right, didn't know that they came with a cooler. Cheers. which chipset is it I need ? x370?