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  • Birthday 2005-04-02

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    Pc tech tips, Bulding Pc's (not my pc - i help other people to build their pc's)
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    14 yrs old yet im still finding the cheapest gaming setup. That can run atleast Pubg or rust xD
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    No job


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    AMD Athlon II P320 Dual Core Processor 2.10GHz
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    ATI Radeon Graphics
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    win 7 32bit

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  1. What is a better psu? evga or corsair? :)

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    2. dizmo


      Can't really give a definitive answer without model numbers.

      Both companies make more than a single unit.

    3. Gegger


      I may as well direct you here



    4. Eschew


      Mm, brands like Corsair and EVGA don't manufacture the PSUs, they just source them from OEMs -- meaning that if you'd like a comparison, it'll be hard to give you a definitive answer without a specific PSU model (e.g. EVGA's G2/G3 series are decent, but their N1 ones are fire hazards).


      Got a specific PSU model you're interested in?

      (IDK anything about PSUs, I just looked at LukeSavenije's PSU Tier List.)

  2. ye right the gpu but its for now i had an extra on until i get enough money to afford for a good rig.
  3. will it run most of the games like you know, Pubg or the most demanding one Rust? probs no or? but with a graphics card the one i metioned
  4. was it worth, my bro sold his pc.. for 750euro Specs: Case: NZXT Lexa SCPU: Intel i5-4690K @ 3.5GhzRam: 8Gb of Hyper X DDR3 1600MhzPSU: 750w Corsair Gold Rating PlusGPU: GTX 1080ti 11gbOS: Windows 10MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 5HDD: 1TB
  5. core i5-4460 Quad Core is rly bad or decent? with a GTX 760 ti ? idk...
  6. you bought it just for fun or for purpose use?
  7. So hawlo...

    Yea i just joined cuz im lazy to create an account on this site although I've  been watching linus tech tips for 3 years now 

    I still haven't found yet the cheapest gaming pc that can atleast run decent games. Any ideas? Yep im broke im still young minimum budget is 150-200euro yep ik dont judge pls.. ?? 

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    2. IsaacBroke


      why country?


    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Because prices of electronics vary widely in different countries, even in europe. Also used market etc.


      If you don't want to specify a country then atleast say if south europe/ northern/center.

    4. IsaacBroke


      ahh kk cheers m8