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Mr. Budget

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    somewhere in the mountains
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    saving money on literally anything i can because im a poor boy


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    unknown (laptop)
  • RAM
    6gb unknown brand (laptop)
  • GPU
    NVS 4200m
  • Case
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    300gb hdd (laptop)
  • PSU
    laptop psu.
  • Display(s)
    sansui 17 inch w/ 120 hz refresh rate
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    laptop cooler, assumed to be intel stock.
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    currently on a laptop.
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    logitech red mouse from around 2015
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    laptop speakers
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    windows 10 home

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  1. simplified specs: i5-650 CPU, integrated graphics (the PSU question comes up because im planning on upgrading to an RX 560 2gb) 8gb ram, 250gb HDD (gonna upgrade to an SSD later down the line) with an optical drive. note: also needs to fit optiplex 980 case because fuck it im not buying another case
  2. Ah, alright. This will probably work since it keeps hitting 95 celcius turboing. It was a Dell Latitude E6450(i think) that was refurbished and upgraded.
  3. My laptop CPU (I5-2540M) keeps going to 3.10ghz despite its base speed being about 2.60 ghz and reaching the unsafe temps of 95-97 celcius. Any way to prevent this? Note: I recently got a cooling pad that keeps it down at 85-90 C but it's very clunky
  4. trying to put an i7-2600k with a Radeon HD 7310.
  5. Different way of looking at a bad build however still bad.
  6. thats overclocking, and alot of people can't overclock highly unlocked chips.
  7. Honestly at this point the only thing that keeps me from thinking its sarcastic and just pointing fun at build guides is the fact they called people who disliked it and hated on it racist.
  8. Sure I'm wrong... Sure... I don't have it currently.