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  1. We'd probably rank up along with me as we play together.
  2. The stockcooler's bad against the more CPU intensive games. It could either be your Power Supply, or CPU.
  3. So, I started CS:GO a few months back and currently, I'm at Nova 1. Anyone wanna add me on steam and play some CS:GO? STEAM: exe.aimbot
  4. yes your computer will blow up and it will burn down your house.
  5. Razer Abyssus review: Pros: - It's a Razer, so your friends are gonna go "SUGOI!!!!!" Cons: - It's a Razer.
  6. Nine eleven jokes are bad okay.
  7. So my new CPU came in today and I was just putting the Stock heatsink on when I accidentally touched the thermal paste. Would this affect anything? Thanks.