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  1. When ur FPS dips bellow ur monitor's refresh rate u get what's called Tearing; It's when for a split second half of ur screen is still the previous frame and the other half is the next one. In general it is recommended to make sure ur GPU is pushing the needed amount of Frames per second that matches ur monitor's refresh rate. That much do know. And from personal experience i'm not quite sure if G-Sync and Free-Sync help that much.
  2. So this is happening on my parents' PC, Dell Optiplex with a Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet adapter. I plug in the Ethernet cable directly to the Modem to make sure no other factors may be influencing the situation other than the Adapter it's self, and nothing. No Port num flashing on the Modem, no light flashing on the Ethernet port on the Mobo. However when i disable the device and then unable it again, or uninstall the driver and install it again the lights do start flashing but the Ethernet cable still isn't being detected. I have tried a different cable as well, same story.
  3. Good idea. Should allow me to track where the activity is originating from. Thanks mate
  4. Will give that a try. Haven't enabled 2-factor authentication.
  5. LMAO. Pretty sure trust me. And yes, i did force sign out all accounts and signed them back in with the new password.
  6. I'm finding a lot of stuff in my Youtube search and watch history i've never searched for or watched. All sexual, disgusting crap. I have three devices signed into my Google account, my PC, my phone and my Dad's phone. He wouldn't search such stuff or watch it, no way. And i'm sure i didn't either. I did change my password and clear both search and watch history and this stuff still keeps popping up, and exactly the same stuff, same vids, same keywords. What on earth is going on?! I am running Windows 10 pro with Windows security for... security.
  7. Basically i have an internet connection and everything else works fine, browser, Steam, playing online. Uplay however keeps telling me "Connection lost. There seems to be a problem with your internet connection. Please check your settings or switch to offline mode". I've made sure that Firewall isn't blocking the App, nor is the Antivirus.
  8. Should be noted that for some reason Windows installed driver 391.35, when I installed the latest driver the GPU reports Error 43(Device couldn't start)
  9. Worked fine tho before I upgraded this machine to Win 10 last night from Win 7, so did Warface.
  10. Not sure mate. Just tried out AC Revelations, same thing.
  11. Even when I disable V-Sync, GPU usage should crank up to 99% but it doesn't, remains in the 60% area. Correction, CPU usage sitting at 92% in-game.