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    Heavy Metal. A7X fan foREVer.


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    16 GB 3000Mhz
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    Custom Wood Desk
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    250GB Corsair Force LE x2
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  1. First off i have AKG Q 701s. Im experiencing low frequency noise whenever i turn the volume up. PC volume is max, i have a Hyperx usb sound card to filter out the power supply noise that is then plugged into my mixer, which is then plugged into my headphones. My mic is directly into the pc and people are always complaining about the quality of my mic, if i plug it into the hyperx card it gets worse. Im looking at a Creative Sound blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 with Headphone Amp, 106db SNR, 600 ohm headphone amp. currently 39$ Basically i need to know if ill be able to just plug
  2. So i had a 7600k and swapped the motherboard and cpu for the 8086k with an gigabyte aorus gaming 7 motherboard, didnt overclock anything, flashed the bios to f7 to support the 8086k, had issues trying to install while on windows saying that gigabyte does not yet support 64 bit windows but after flashing the bios got the pc back up and running. checked for any other drivers and updates including chipset and gpu drivers and kinda running out of ideas. Only restarts when were in the middle of a game of league. Cinebench runs fine with a score of 1380 no OC. temps are all fine. havent tried any ot
  3. Ill have to reorganize his sata cables and see if it fixes the issue if thats the case
  4. it was fine with a single gpu it ran great for a month, we got a new case and added the 2nd gpu and it was fine but sometimes did this but now its happening more and more and almost everytime today
  5. really dont want to reinstall, this only just started happening i doubt its just windows 10
  6. sorry fixed the kaby lake number, those are benchmark tests not stress, 2 4gb sticks, and last hope is to full restart, internet here is quite crap
  7. Hey guys, just built my brother a kaby lake i5 build and we originally had just one r9 280 3gb installed and it ran everything great with very little issues. We just decided to go ahead and install the 2nd r9 280 3gb and had huge performance gains with very little issues with temps so everything seemed to be golden and set. Well after downloading some more games and playing for a week or so, we started to notice that when he goes to just restart the computer from desktop it will freeze on the restart screen, if we try to wake the computer from sleep it sits at a greyish screen for qu
  8. Okay so I have a custom computer desk I'm building and I have four main fans in the front and two bigger sized fans for the back with the pc in-between that area. I could mount my aio cooler to the bottom where my feet would be sitting or I could mount it to vent into a shelf or I could rig it in front of my front fans and just direct the fans on the radiator the same way. Not sure would be the best in terms of air flow. I do plan on testing it but if a evo 212 is gonna be less haste I might go that route. I do plan on water cooling in the future but will be building a new improved desk as wel
  9. As a shaky left handed person, I'm not attempting making my own motherboard stand offs ? I'm looking at a case labs motherboard tray but it's pretty expensive, rather buy a cheap case and cut one out
  10. So I have my desk and everything planned out decently well but as I was thinking I want to install dust filters and i want to make sure my motherboard is all lined up so I'm basically wondering if any company's out there sell just fan mounts that you can fit into wood, or 2.5/3.5 inch mounts you just screw down and then mount the drive. I was planning on making the mount out of wood but this will be my biggest project and would rather buy a mount to install then try and make my own. I searched amazon decently well but nothing seemed right. Basically im going to have 2-3 fans on the
  11. I have a 1080p ultrawide monitor I plan on keeping for quite awhile and my current gpu performs just right at that level, so I can hold off on gpu and cpu for a decent bit. Storage is gonna be most likely first followed by a new case (getting corsair 760t) which I would agree I need a bigger ssd but I only play gta v, black desert and a few others so I'm thinking a Samsung 850 evo 500gb, plus maybe 2/3 2TB HDD. Not sure what's the best option for storage though. I kinda wanted to upgrade my ram but I do want a thunderbolt motherboard and move up to the skylake( or wait for new CPUs if a
  12. I mean I'm going to spend around 1000-1500 by the end of the year total across everything
  13. Hi so I'm wanting to upgrade my PC as I've saved up some money and would like some more performance. I want to slowly replace everything and give the spare parts to my gf pc over time till we complete it. But I'd like to remove the worst parts first to replace with better. Also i love a lot of USB ports on my motherboard so if someone could list a few good options would be helpful. Current Pc is i5 4690k @ 4.5 with corsair h100i Radeon r9 390 MSI USB 3 motherboard (don't remember full name) Adata 8gb 1600 ram Pny 120gb ssd 1tb Seagate HDD Roswell 750watt
  14. I have a r9 380 8g that can handle 1440p. I play video games and watch YouTube lol. I just don't have much experience with monitors
  15. Hey thanks in advance for any help, I'm basically looking for a 1ms 144hz 1080p monitor or a 1ms 60hz 1440p monitor. I have around 400-500$ would perfer a mount as well for it but the monitor is most important, I have a i5 4690k with a R9 380 to drive it.