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    Intel 4930k
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    Asus X79 Deluxe
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    G Skill Ripjaws Z 64GB 2400Mhz
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    2x EVGA GTX 780ti Superclocked
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    Thermaltake Level 10 GT
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    2x SanDisk Extreme IIs in RAID 0, 4x Seagate Barracuda 3TB in RAID 10
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    Seasonic X1250
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    6 of em.
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    Noctua NH-U14S
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    2x Das Keyboard 4 Professional
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    SteelSeries Sensei Wireless
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    Sennheiser RS 220, Harman Kardon NC, Logitech Z906
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  1. My personal picks are easily the MX clears, but I like the blacks for keys I have to hold down a lot. When I first customised the switches on my DAS, I used the clears for keys I had to type with, and blacks for shift, Ctrl, alt etc.
  2. Haha it's fine dining and very well known - it's also perfectly hygienic (perfect health inspection scores). We're also fully booked until May so no room for you anyway! But because it's a collection of buildings that have been poorly joined together to make, there is alot of space between the walls that are accessible somehow. Rodents do not get into the restaurant itself, but have access to the crawl space (I assume, they might not, but there's a lot of possums in the surrounding woods that get on the roof sometimes). Thanks for the device, the distance is actual several hundred feet. It doesn't seem to be available in my country, but I will look for something similar.
  3. This should be fun. I have a restaurant, which is an amalgamation of three different buildings kind of merged into one as we've expanded and has had very dodgy repair work done. The network setup is HORRIBLE, and I can't make heads or tails of it. The wired network has always been incredibly unreliable (water gets into the wall, and I'm assuming rodents can too and damage wires), the whole place is badly wired, has dirty power etc. Our POS system barely works as is because of initial poor configuration. Recently, our wired connection to our thermal kitchen printer has failed, which is a fairly serious problem as we can no longer send orders to the kitchen, a fairly important aspect of a restaurant. Medium term, the solution is to change POS software and have somebody come out and set it up from scratch, but we are in a rural area, and the cost to get someone out here to do it, plus the hardware needed is about $20k. Re-running the damaged Ethernet cable is not an option due to genius design, I would have to tear down a wall, which would cost a tonne and render a portion of the restaurant unusable for seating. I also can't realistically run it outside of the wall for a few reasons (which could be worked around cheaply, but at a lot of effort). Powerline adapters are not an option as the server PC and the printer are on completely different circuits. I have a point of sale terminal close to the kitchen, so I could in theory run a cable from the terminal to the printer, but the terminal only has a spare USB port. So that leaves me with converting the printer to run over our (rock solid) WiFi connection. The printer is an Epson TM-U220B. It has an ethernet connection ONLY, no USB. Are there any wireless print servers or bridges that would allow me to connect the ethernet-only printer to Wifi? Or failing that, to connect it to USB (I'm not sure the POS software supports USB printers, so that could create more problems).
  4. Bought this from a video production house, and wasn’t expecting it to arrive until next week, but being that they cater to professionals, it arrived overnight. Still waiting on the cabinet for it. This alone cost more than my first PC build in 2010 iirc. Though I’ve also shaved a few hundred off the budget as I didn’t realise two of the USB Type A ports on my motherboard were 3.1 gen 2, which means I don’t need a thunderbolt dock with any urgency. Of course, being professional production equipment, it didn’t come with any cables, so they’ll be here by the 26th apparently
  5. And low profile sata cable arrived, and while it doesn’t really fit, the drive at least works! 4TB of SSD storage, unthinkable just a few years ago! Macrium Reflect will be set to clone the boot drive in full to the backup drive regularly so that in case of a failure of the nvme drive, I can boot seamlessly into the SATA drive. To prevent booting into the SATA drive regularly, booting into anything except the nvme drive is disabled in bios.
  6. 2003 I got a 1.5mbps connection I think, though it might have been 768k - I remember speed not being the major improvement, but rather being able to talk on the phone. It has it's advantages - I am a very efficient programmer since I always target extreme low end. But it also makes me feel wasteful when I'm using cloud backup (on this new PC I have about 120GB backed up to dropbox atm) or when downloading steam games. This is also my first PC that doesn't have an optical drive!! Anyways, more pictures. Set up the desk with my 2 monitors that currently work - a 32" Samsung, and a 4:3 touch screen point of sale monitor. Using my old speakers which still sound great, but now to get started on the actual bits of the PC I use every day! And a picture of the old versus the new:
  7. I had a 40GB hard drive in that build too (upgraded from a 2GB). That computer was P3 or P2 iirc, purchased in 1998. I only ever used to do programming which was never resource intensive, but my use cases widened a lot once I hit adulthood. Living rurally I’m used to a 6 GB cap on my internet too ( finally lifted in 2016, and I lived in the city for a few years beforehand) so to me a gigabyte or anything is a HUGE thing, and not something I take for granted,
  8. Internals all but done. Ended up using the dust filters on the outside because I think they look good (sue me). Also much easier to access when I need to clean. GPU is only component left to order, any news on a 2080Ti super? Came out quite clean given the size. Fantastic case to work in, although I wasn’t able to connect the SATA drive because not enough clearance between the PSU and motherboard for the SATA connector! (Well I was, but not without doing some extremely janky shit that required the use of a mallet). Low profile sata cables are on the way! Doing a bit of an unorthodox airflow design. Drawing air from the bottom two fans and using the radiator to exhaust. Temps under load max at about 75 degrees. Have ordered some Noctua thermal compound to see if that helps, but not expecting much of an improvement. Might also try a bit of undervolting, but the PC is not thermal throttling so I’m satisfied - also worth pointing out the industrial fans on the radiators are set to never hit 100% (3000RPM) so I have headroom there too. Main advantage of this layout is that it stops dust from settling on top of the machine, and dust is the biggest problem in this room.
  9. Wine. Specifically I collect large format bottles - so 3, 12....2 litre bottles. Travel of course, try to go everywhere. scuba diving is recent and I find it relaxing.
  10. I have a samsung nvme as boot drive and its apparently already having issues. Originally I had the redundant SATA drive as a Samsung QVO, but I’ve switched that to Sandisk.
  11. Will sell the remnants of the old computer locally
  12. So old PC died completely, as did that 780TI. Case was delayed in shipping too, so it finally got here and I'll be doing final assembly tomorrow, and likely ordering a GPU for next week. But been using it like this for a week or so: It's in an area semi protected from dust, but this means I'm running HDMI cables 20 metres to my dusty desk! Every product I've ever owned from Samsung has failed spectacularly - microwaves, air conditioners, hard drives, phones, you name it. So I'm generally hesitant to use any of their products these days. Well 10 days into using this PC, Windows booted up into Automatic disk repair which put me on edge. So I returned the backup SSD (the QVO one) and purchased a Sandisk Ultra 3D 2TB instead, as I have a high degree of faith in them. Dust filters also look pretty slick, I was going to put them on the inside of the case, but leaning towards the external now.
  13. I’ve had 144hz monitors for the last 5 years. This year upgrading I’m focusing on bright IPS displays with great colours, contrast and viewing angles, because yeah 60 is fine for everything I play. I find higher quality at lower frame rates with great sound makes for a much more satisfying gaming experience than nerfing graphics just to get a high FPS counter.
  14. Does it? I use Firefox for everything work related and Opera for personal use, and I often get irritated at Firefox for not having PIP and having to switch browser.