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  1. It’s called miso phobia or something. I work in wine where it’s absolutely required to slurp as you drink (it aerates and releases quite a lot of flavour). For soup, similar thing, it aerates and cools hot soup allowing you to drink the soup at it’s hottest, freshest and most flavourful. It’s how you’re meant to drink soup and in many Asian cultures it’s (very) rude to not slurp soup/noodles.
  2. As I own a restaurant I spend about $50k per month on food Personally, I spend about $1000 a month on wine though I can often write it off as a work expense. Probably a couple of thousand on eating out as I’m consistently travelling. Again, work covers essentially all of it.
  3. Yeah well he’s a suspicious looking dude. Also with the Hong Kong protests, now is probably not a good time to film in Shenzhen.
  4. Eh China’s actually not that bad. I had no problems filming in China (or North Korea for that matter). Only Kazakhstan and Kuwait have ever shut me down. Shenzhen is a great place for a scrapyard wars because once you get taking to someone in HuaQiengBei they’ll know someone who knows someone and then all of a sudden you’re doing a back alley deal. I went there last year specifically looking for a GTX780Ti and found one after about an hour just by following a trail of people.
  5. I’m not American and even I know nobody has ever gone out of their way to get Comcast and they’re not going to be helpful. You need to explain why using Comcast is important, because if you get Comcast to run a line from an area they service to an area they don’t you are out hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you don’t mind if Comcast lease cables from other companies than why don’t you just use the local provider? I had cables run to a rural farm once - about 4km from the nearest node - and it cost $35k.
  6. There was no multiple desktops until Windows 10, which was 2015.
  7. I’m managing director of a holding company that has a wide array of businesses under it including software development, real estate and food and beverage. Most of my time I spend as wine buyer at a restaurant I own, because then I essentially get paid to drink.
  8. You'll also get slugged import duty which will likely make it more expensive than buying locally.
  9. Trip to Africa this year cost close to $50k on a $10k budget. Biggest single purchase was the car to drive in.
  10. Friends or Frasier have most rewatch potential.
  11. The word just means original inhabitants if I remember correctly. So while Australia has adopted it in mainstream usage, it’s equally true for any native people including in a Canada, the US, islands etc
  12. I'm in the can't be bother camped. My PC is on 24/7 and kept at positive pressure so very little dust is actually in the PC which hasn't been cleaned in 5 years. The dust filters are pretty bad though, have cleaned them once.
  13. Linus is easy enough to contact, he will occasionally answer direct messages on this forum, or you can email the company here: https://www.linusmediagroup.com/contact-us You sound insane though so you’d better have tonnes of evidence. Sounds like what you need is a journalist.
  14. Had a KFC near me that for 4 days was charging $0.02 for a large fillet burger combo. The register would show the correct price, but the card reader would only charge the 2 cents.
  15. 3840*2160 is 16:9. I watch LTT videos on an iPad (which is a 4:3 display) and they definitely don’t take up the whole screen. 16:9/16:10 makes little difference in videos, I used a 16:10 display for years as my primary next to a 16:9 and the difference is noticeable, but negligible,