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  1. Still get bsod on games that are not demanding at all even with xmp disabled also disabling xmp made Cold War run wayyy worse and still have the same issue
  2. The xmp profile is enabled idk bow to check page file
  3. I have no idea how to check
  4. Here’s another one that just happened this morning not sure if it’s one of those situations were every crash may have a different cause or what but here it is anyway
  5. I believe this is what you need I’m not sure if there is supposed to be blank spaces hopefully there is
  6. Okay so I did it and it did happen to crash not long after so now there is a crash that popped up sorry about the confusion on my end lol now what?
  7. Do I need to wait for another crash?
  8. That’s the exact same thing I downloaded listen man I have no clue how to use any of this stuff so getting it seems pointless
  9. Okay so I downloaded windbg preview because apparently that’s how I get the dump file for blue screen view but I have absolutely no clue what to do
  10. This is what I keep getting running a scan and repair hasn’t helped
  11. This is a repost because the last one didn’t help. I have the following components in a pre built pc that I got a really good deal on pre covid and ever since I’ve gotten it I have had problems with crashes mainly only with Cold War. The crashes are less frequent but definitely still there and I’m getting very sick of it so I think it’s time to upgrade and completely get rid of this problem (unless I don’t need to) I was thinking of going 3080 what other components would I need to upgrade I have the following. 16Gb ram AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-core Process
  12. Okay so I figured out this is because of my iPhone so this is also not the problem
  13. Is it just as simple as uninstalling whatever this shit is
  14. It was a brand new pre built pc that I got a sweet deal on at Canada computers so I would assume no but you never know I guess