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    Fryslân, The Netherlands
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    computers(ofcourse) and space
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    core i7 920
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    asus P6T SE
  • RAM
    12gb corsair
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    xfx rx 480 gtr 8gb
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    some old case i ripped the front of, it works...
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    240gb adata sp550 + wd green 1tb
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    coolermaster g550m
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    hp 1730+ 1740+ some acer 23 inch fhd-ish
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    some sytche cooler
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    steelseries 6gv2 with cherry mx black switches
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    Steelseries rival 110
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    Creative soudcard+beyerdynamic custom one pro's+old speaker system
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    windows 10 home
  • Laptop
    clevo N850HK1

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  1. you can just unscrew them, the screws mount to either your case or internal threads. the manufacturers have thought of this
  2. you can recover the windows serial key with a number of programs. windows licenses are availible for $20 orso these days.
  3. thats not what ripple does. that tends to happen when a bad quality power supply shorts out somehow. ripple is more subtle this is an extreme case but does show it really well. after an AC signal gets rectified aka converted to dc you get voltage spikes. a capacitor can store some energy temporarely and release it at a later time. this smoothes out the signal as shown. the remaining peaks on the red line measured from highest to lowest point is the ripple voltage. most decent power supplies do a better job than this example. the ripple is usually sub 10 mV meaning the voltage isnt perfectly 12V or 5V but changes between 11.95 and 12.05V or 4.95 and 5.05V. This continuous change of voltage can affect some serious overclocks. that said, your RM650x has a ripple voltage of 7mV at 600W load on the 12V rail wich is excellent. i suspect taking them out will increase this with 5-10mV orso. still very good. the atx spec says it must be at most 120mV for the 12V rail and 50mV for the 5 and 3.3V rail.
  4. like juular said, they are for filtering ripple caused by the switching during the conversion from mains voltage to 12/5/3.3V. although removing them can cause instability of your system or damage to components, without them the ripple voltage isnt that bad with a decent power supply. corsair mainly adds them to push their power supplies a bit further from what i have seen. if you are planning on pushing your system really hard, leave them and try to bring them closer to the power supply where they are easyer to hide i think. on the other end of the scale, i have seen off brand power supplies that were so badly made no ripple suppresion capacitors could save your system from damage. quite fun to watch sometimes
  5. if you are doing a true clone, you "copy" 100% of the data across IF your target drive is an equal size or larger than your current drive. that said i used aomei backupper for my switch to ssd and it worked flawlessly. i have no experience with EaseUs but it seems thrustworthy enough that i have no problem using it. it says it will clone your drive so it probably will its job perfectly fine. just give it a go and dont wipe or format your drive just yet. if something is wrong you can try again or go back
  6. if you dont have a raid setup and dont change hardware that often on a single windows license, you should be able to just swap your new hardware in i believe
  7. i've had a look at it and whilst it looks like you can take the grey bit with the leds off without removing the cooling block from the card itself, it does look like a bit of a faff to do.
  8. these strips look incompatible. it looks like you have the 12v 4 pin aurasync header not the 5v 3 pin digital aurasync one
  9. looks good! although i would personally attempt to replace the green leds of the gpu with matching ones to tie the whole build together. good to see there are still people who like monochrome builds! i think i might look into those extention cables, they look neat for not too much money.
  10. i cannot recommend anything from just a picture but those rgb strips seem pretty nice actually. the ones with adhesive backing tend to fall off quite quickly in my experience. go for them! as for the card thingy, will it work? probably yes. would i use that power connector if i made it? no. you will not exceed the 1 amp current limit per channel if you use one of those rgb strips per channel i think, maybe not even with two. it will probably be fine as you will not run all 4 channels on white at all times i think. 48W of led power is stupidly bright for a pc. The connectors of the card match up with those of your motherboard i believe so that should be fine. you can however show only one color at a time so no rainbow animations but your mobo cant do that anyway i believe. TL:DR: led strips: They look promising! keep us updated if they are worth getting if you do get them control thing: Power connector seems a bit small but should probably be fine. its compatible with the rest of the stuff.
  11. /\ this. and as the manual suggest, you have a pump header. connect the pump to it and one of the fans to the cpu fan header. the other fans can just be connected to a case fan header
  12. i agree, that i5 of yours is probably faster than my main rig so it should be plenty fast enough for a simple apache server and some storage. money making servers or mission critical machines tend to have ecc memory but in your case configuring your storage propperly so you dont loose all your data when a drive dies is way more important.
  13. we pay 50 euro orso for atleast 100Mbps both ways, a landline and tv. we could switch provider and get gigabit for 40 euro which doesnt come with anything else. this option however requires us paying 15 euro/month to our current provider for the use of the fiber network. but then again we really coulnt be bothered switching as the current provider doesn't collect data, doesn't cap you and doesn't block any sites. they got better things to do like installing fiber in a rural area. as for data caps, a provider would be stupid to do such a thing here in the netherlands. There are so many other providers at similar ish prices so they would lose customers quite quickly. Especially in an age where unlimited mobile data is like 25 euro/ month
  14. they would have to change the order at which the peripherals get loaded. so yes, yes they probably can. will they? im not so shure as embedded programming can be really f*** hard (dont ask me how i know) but you could certainly try. asus support has been pretty nice in my experience. i got help with a x58 motherboard only one or two years ago. give it a shot, ask them!
  15. not per say, in pwm mode the fan needs a pwm signal on the 4th pin and 12v on its power lines. if a 4 pin fan doesnt get a pwm signal it will go into voltage controlled mode like 3 pin fans. if the controller has not been booted up it will not be able to send the pwm signal nor can it change the voltage on the power lines. result: both fans get 12v and no pwm signal and spin at full speed