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  1. I currently have a Evolv shift X with a i5-9600K and 1070ti At the moment i have a single EK 280 SE My temps aren't terrible, probably around 35 idle and 70 under load I was considering replacing the single 280 SE, with a 240 SE + 140 SE (best I can do in this case I think) Would it make much of a difference? EDIT: D5 pump
  2. Triumph man myself Street triple 675 Does Linus still have his SV? Not seen it or any mention of it for a while Diavel is something else though... Need to own a Ducati at some point in my life
  3. I don't think the decision to block BUY orders was made by the brokers. I think they were told to do so - T212's statement kind of hints at the fact it wasn't their call, so everybody gunning for the Likes of Robinhood is probably aiming in the wrong direction. (fuck those guys anyway though ) Either way, the volatility these past few days, illegal tactics and naked shorts is another example of why you shouldn't get into stocks with money you can't afford to lose. I'm all for retail traders making $$$$$$$$$$ against pricks in suits, but seeing people dump their savings in @ $
  4. Personally leather, as long as they're heated. Otherwise cloth Nothing worse than getting into your car in the morning and having freezing cold leather seats
  5. I think they should send another one out as an apology, with a link to a $700 dollar bonus, from the domain gomaddy.com
  6. The utter hypocrisy of the British Media when they've done nothing but scare monger and click bait for the past several month, and then criticise the French for 'hasty' decisions. 


    I'd personally line the likes of Sky, Daily Mail, The Sun, BBC and just mow them down and watch the situation improve immediately :) 



  7. Fair enough. Just some tips for insurance quotes: Set the start date of the policy for as far away as possible - this will often result in cheaper initials quotes Play around with your excess - there's a thing called excess cover, where basically you pay say, £60 against a total of £1000 excess, and if you need to claim then the excess insurance policy will cover the excess. However a lot of those policies will only pay out if you pay the excess amount or MORE - e.g. if you only pay £900 excess on the claim, the excess insurance cover won't cover it Comprehen
  8. £2340 is high, but not totally unreasonable. However I'd have a look at some other options.... Sometimes the smallest car isn't always cheapest. My first car I started on a Focus Zetec at 105bhp, at £2100. Had that for 2 month before getting rid and getting a 190bhp 2l turbo diesel for £1700 a year.
  9. Imagine buying a dxracer and not even being tall enough to reach the neck support
  10. Another reason I'll never buy 'merch' Overpriced tat Also $15 for 20 velcro cable wraps is fucking criminal. Just saying.
  11. This might just be me being dumb But what's the logic in only reporting on the total number of positive cases in a period, and not including the number of total tests carried out?
  12. So turns out you were correct about it being the 75c critical temp that was turning it to full (strange but this isn't shown in the options in Q-Fan) Anyway I tried out AI Suite and Fan XPert, turns out you can override it in there
  13. I'm having a problem where my 140 Revo D5 seems to completely ignore my fan curve set in the BIOS (set to 30% constantly). It's seems to be if it gets to around 80c or so, it increases the speed to 100% for about 5 seconds then goes back to the 30% - i don't know if it goes back when the temp has dropped, or if it's just a fixed period (it seems to be about the same amount of time every time). I don't know why it's increasing speed when I have it set in the Asus QFAN config to be at 30% regardless of sensor temp.... Any suggestions? Update: It doesn't even