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  1. So, I was looking at doing some networking stuff for my house, including security cameras. But apparently it's illegal to do it yourself in Australia, see quote bellow. "In Australia, it's illegal to do your own fixed home cabling. It's legal to connect devices using pre-made ethernet cables strung along skirting boards or under carpets" What's everyone's thoughts on this? Personally I think it's a stupid law
  2. looks amazing, can't wait to build my steampunk themed desk build, curious though, how much did the desk itself cost? (also add the currency if you wouldn't mind so I can convert it to AUD)
  3. best card for the price at the time, i am planning on grabbing a 1080ti soon, or a next gen card if they get announced, i just got sick of waiting after i saved up the money
  4. I'm Australian, So higher price, plus postage, plus more postage to RMA the first kit i got (one stick died, no OC) and throw in the cheapest 8gb stick I could get to be able to use for another month which was $120 on it's own
  5. So, this is stage 1 of my project PC done, here are my specs: PC Specs
  6. Hi guys, so in my build I have my, i7 8700k (stock clock) G.skill Trident Z RGB 32gb (2x16) 3866MHz 18-18-18-38 Asus Prime Z370-A But no matter what I try, I can't seem to get the memory to run faster than 3600MHz at 1.35v I have tried upping the voltage to no avail, Any help would be appreciated
  7. So pretty much fully decided, now I just need to save up a bit more cash and hope in the meantime prices drop a bit
  8. I should be able to live with them been black, the trident Zs were black anyway, if I really can't stand them I'll just plasti-dip them, since I do want to upgrade to 64Gb eventually
  9. Some nice parts but not really into multi-GPU, at least not yet, also kind of an Nvidia fanboy. To back up all my data, never making that mistake again, not after the first time. Loving the look of that case and RAM (if only i could get 32Gb in white), I'll be sure to check it out. Modified the spreadsheet to make it easier to read, it also now shows the order of my choices.
  10. 1) any specific reasons? 2) reason for water cooling is because I'm building something like Linus' desk pc
  11. everything is linked, Main and Main (v2) are both PC PartPicker links, everything else wasn't on PC Part Picker
  12. Currently working on my first build, my budget is around $5000AUD, I currently have 4 different builds in this spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1620paBuglvrvf3n_CoKmiFmCMnuwRYWFHkiMZ6UZwN4/edit?usp=sharing) The last one is my preferred one, is there anything you would recommend changing, it will be used for, gaming, streaming, rendering videos and images, and for daily use. Going to put it into a glass topped desk eventually, that's what there is so much RGB, which will end in me getting 64Gb of RAM when that eventually happens if I end up using one of the last two