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  1. If shorting the board doesn't help, trying to short the PSU would be a good way to check that individually. Here are some good instructions for that. https://www.silverstonetek.com/downloads/QA/PSU/PSU-Paper Clip-EN.pdf If that doesn't work and the PSU refuses to power on at all, it's dead or the cable for it is broken, but either way, it fit for RMA.
  2. Just to throw in another idea here: He could also try to jump start the PSU standalone and see if it even works. This is not *that* beginner, but the best way to test the first device in the whole chain. You can find many tutorials for this on the web, but I am hesitant to suggest it to a beginner, since this can (in theory) damage the PSU and pose a threat to you as well. But in generall, you manually short the pins (top row from the left: 4+5) to start the PSU which would normally be done by the board. It's basically the same as suggestion of emosun, just one step before that, to exclude the board from the equation. If the PSU works, the mainboard would be my next guess. Try to short the pins, as emosun aleady suggested. If that doesn't work, try to get a new bios battery and if that fails, too, it really does sounds like the board is either dead or has some other problem a new board shouldn't have.
  3. Both mergerfs as well as unionfs are a step before samba. They are merging virtual drives on a single machine together to be then shared by samba after the fact. They won't help you with this at all. I'm not even sure if you can combine samba server at all, but even if, it would be a horrible mess. You could try to look at something like glusterfs which is made for combining storage shared over the network. I never really worked with it, so I can't tell you, if it creates a samba shareable virtual drive, or if it has it's own way of presenting its virtual drives to the outside.
  4. To add to @Electronics Wizardy's comment: ffmpeg runs on basically any os. You can find windows binaries here and linux (debian, ubuntu, ..) binaries here. Anything Handbrake or any other GUI tool can do, can be done with ffmpeg. It doesn't matter if you encode on windows, linux and they should also have BSD packages.
  5. You can upload to most cloud services automatically in some way or another. Highly depends on the service how easy or complicated it is. Some let you do it native with their tools or through certain endpoints, otherwise need 3rd party software for it
  6. Then, just @berberries said, a raspberry pi and some external drive are more than fast enough for this usecase.
  7. Then any low power board like a raspberry pi with enough drive space for his usecase is the easiest and probably best solution. Your friends actual upload speed would be good to know, just in case. I don't want to recommend a raspi if his "slow upload speed" is gigabit. A raspi might anotherwise not be fast enough, depending on the model
  8. If your friends network is the bottleneck, no seperate "upload server" will help that. He can either just leave his computer on 24/7 or just use some low power raspi with enough space via a usbstick or an external drive. There is no real reason to get a full blown server just to have the same network bottleneck than with his main computer.
  9. If possible, you should go closer to the rotuer with every test: Test the connection with your computer, which you already did Test it with the same pc but with a wired connection, which you sadly can't, so we skip this one Get a second computer or something small like a raspberry pi and attach that to the router with a short ethernet cable. Then monitor the internet conencciton by just pinging some ips like google or cloudflare dns and log those for a few days. (Check the router logs if you see connection drops or any kind of internet related errors) Kinda obvious, but just for completeness sake Test a second router if possible Since you can't do #2, try to do #3, so you at least know if its your computer or the connection being wireless. #2 would be perfect, especially combined with #3, but this would be the "most complicated" one to do.
  10. CPU: A 2700x is a bit much just for a small/medium sized minecraft server. Considering the price, it's fine though. If you want to save some money here, you can also go with a 6 core 2600(X) which should still be enough. CPU Cooler: I wouldn't go with the dark rock pro 4, but the non pro varient of this cooler. It's a) cheaper b) still more than enough for a 2700x c) more silent because only one fan. The pro one is just absolute overkill for this cpu. GPU: If you only want some kind of display out, any far cheaper gpu would be more than enough compared to a 150€ one. You can save some money here, but you don't have to. PSU: You could go with a 650W psu, which would be enough, especially if you only have a "low end" gpu. The rest looks good to me EDIT: I skipped over the SSDs at first. Why 2 SSDs? If you want some kind of NAS usage, you could rather go with 1 SSD as os drive and a mechanical drive with 2-4TB for a bit more.
  11. If you want to go with ECC, keep in mind, that all Ryzen with integrated gpu will NOT support ECC. Also keep the mainboard compatibility for ECC in mind as well. Some manufacturers support it on all/most of their lineup, others don't support it at all.
  12. A browser refreshing is, in general, not good or bad, but rather common, especially when it comes to large sites like google. Who knows how many redirects there are for old links they still distribute, which just redirect you to the latest "version" of a certain website. If it does redirect you to completely different website than the original one though, then I'd start looking into it more though
  13. Judging by the email adress and the link, it sounds like a review "scam" where you rate something for someone. You don't really get scammed but you provide fake ratings w/o knowing it. Search for "gcr noreply google" already returns a lot of results from google directly about scams
  14. Additionally to everything proposed like only allowing certain IPs, you can also change the external port to something not default for that service and keep the internal one the same. For example: You forward the internal port 22 for an ssh connection to port 12345 externally. Internally, you don't have to change anything, but externally no ssh crawler will find an open ssh(22) port, because only you know the correct port.
  15. A home connection is never good enough for commercial use, not necessarily when it comes to speed, but reliability and stability. In your case, the Upload is already not enough when you think about a few websites hosting even normal sized images. Take a 5MB image and spread it over 3 websites with and let each image be accessed by 1 Person per website and it already takes 8-12s to load that single image. Being at the mercy of a provider is a valid concern, especially if you really host something to resell, but think about electricity. How much would electricity cost you and how much do you even get from reselling it. And how many people can you resell it to, which aren't many. If you want to host and resell websites or a vps, get a colocation, but never use old hardware and host it at home. TL;DR: Don't host commercial stuff on a home connection. Any rented $5 vps is better for that and costs less money, especially whe it comes to electricity cost.
  16. Discord.js just recently updated to their long awaited v12, so it's more than up-to-date when it comes to discord's api endpoints. Personally I'm a js fan and kinda like it more, especially wheh it comes to larger bots compared to python.
  17. # Get all container by their id container ls -a # Delete the old one docker container rm <id>
  18. The project was renamed to/taken over by "lancache". The steamcache github repo and docker containers have are all deprecated now. The ones are here and here.
  19. I bet most peple would rather provide cpu time for a charity than "earning" maybe a few bucks for a whole month of running their software. Just thinking about the power cost for this if the motivtion is purely monetary is not good at all. For charity people just don't care, but if the drive is purely monetary, you need to account for all costs including power. The fact, that they don't even say what they are using that cpu time for, makes it even more shady. They are basically outsourcing cpu time to gullible idiots (sorry for swearing ) for a fraction of the market price. EDIT: virustotal seems to not like their "software" as well. 25/71 flagged as something "not good" https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/NzNkYTRlMDc1OGVkNWNlZjQxY2Y3N2U0YzUzYzhkMWE6MTU4MjkwNTA5MA==/detection
  20. My LC-Power ITX Case with a power supply. The PSU fried most of the components after about a year and the case itself is verybad when it comes to even basic things like the placements of the mainboard screws/standoffs.
  21. They seem to even tell you to use Let's encrypt anyway https://www.ecowebhosting.co.uk/blog/all-about-ssl-certificates-and-why-its-important-your-website-has-one/ EDIT: All their offers are advertised with lets encrypt certificates already. Are we on the same page here?
  22. I can recommend the AOC 24G2U. Those are 1080p 144Hz IPS Panel and flat. I'm running 2 of those for a few weeks now and they are great so far
  23. Not bad, but not as "latest" as i would've thought ubuntu would include. debian includes 0.8.3 on the backports and the same version on the newer version of debian, which is the latest version since roughly a month now. 0.8.1 is from iirc June last year.
  24. Sure, I'll be watching out for that then. And yeah, debian seems to be fairly different to ubuntu then. Especially that license notice can be "frightening" for new users, who just follow the standard procedure of a guide. Btw, which version of zfs-dkms does ubuntu install by default. Knowing ubuntu in general and compared to debian, it usually is on the more "up-to-date" side of things when it comes to new version of basically all included software. Is it already running 0.8.x or still 0.7.x? You can check by running something like "apt-cache policy zfs-dkms" to see the package managers version of said software package. This should work on ubuntu as well (I guess).
  25. I tested it yesterday again and no, it did NOT work out of the box for me. I had to go the "load it manually" and tbh, I can't see any other way on debian for it to work out of the box at all. If it would, there would be no problem between out good ol linus torvalds, oracle and all those open source licenses. Or rather, it doesn't work out of the box because of those things and maybe never will. Test was done with the latest debian 10 netinstall as of yesterday. EDIT: Adding this here again, I do not know how this is handled on ubuntu, only debian! EDIT2: About to test this again with v0.7 as well, just to be sure. EDIT3: Adding the "contrib" source on debina is a must though, no matter which zfs version. Otherwise it will not find neither find zfsutils-linux nor zfs-dkms