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    ye olde i7 3770k @ 4.4Ghz @ hotter than the Sun
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    16GB Avexir Venom 2133
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    Strix 980 Ti with intel heatsink fans cable tied to it
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    Gamemax F15
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    Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2

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  1. Hmm I'm guessing there isn't going to be any semi-easy ways round this. Would be nice if you could get cheap non-wifi wireless doorbells but with little vibrating receivers you could just leave in your pocket, or wife's underwear. I've found one such product on amazon but it's 3x the price of a regular wireless, non-plugin doorbell set. Boo. Just want to listen to music without missing every parcel and without spending £50 on a ring...
  2. I'm after a really basic smart doorbell solution. No need for a camera, literally just after a button which can send a notification to my phone or PC in the house. Only needs to work on the LAN not internet. Would be useful to have a ringer too. Looking to do this as cheap and as hacky as possible - raspberry pi maybe? Looking for suggestions
  3. So I'm doing a build for a friend and the fan curve on the 3060 Ti is driving me nuts. So for context, I'm very familiar with MSI afterburner etc., been building PC's for years. The default fan behaviour (with latest drivers installed, before you ask) - fans stay stopped up to 60c then fans suddenly kick in to 30%, which is very loud, temps drop down to like 57c, fan sticks at 30%. They stay at 30% even for quite a while after you've stopped the GPU load and the card has dropped all the way down to the mid 30c's. It's like it's on some timer, where it keeps the fans at 30% for an e
  4. Yes but the problem with that analogy is that your crappy "Sunny Rubber King Xpert" tyres probably don't have a supported car list, with specific entries such as "R33 GTR" and "Ford GT40 " in it. You could argue that technically there is some assumed "support" in that you might find a Sunny Rubber King Xpert in the correct 245/45 R17 sizing for an R33 GTR... but that's not quite the same as an explicit list as in this mobo's case... I wouldn't be so salty if it was a mild throttle tbh...
  5. And how is a general consumer that doesn't know about these components, gong to have the "common sense" to know that this will be an issue? I think it's more common sense for someone to assume "supported" means it will work at baseline performance, not run at 1/4 of it's base specification. As a MINIMUM don't you think there should be some disclaimer on the supported CPU list? I'm surprised that AMD haven't gotten onto this to preserve the potential damage this could do to their image...
  6. For some clarification, this isn't throttling after an hour of cinebench looping... this is after about 1min, in a cool room.
  7. please read my original post, it still throttles with a fan placed DIRECTLY on top of the VRM & choke components.
  8. This all boils down to your definition of "supported" here Another thing is... I'm fairly certain there is an AMD "spec" given out which outlines a minimum base performance for mobo manufacturers so that they don't make AMD look bad... because lets be honest, your average consumer would probably blame the CPU for this issue.
  9. The main issue here is for a consumer that doesn't So lying about supported CPU's is fine? Right.
  10. Expecting it to run a completely stock, "supported" CPU at base clocks is an unreasonable expectation?
  11. I agree, it's a poor pairing. I was just tinkering. However, If the CPU is on the supported CPU list, it should be able to at least run it at base clocks. If not, then Gigabyte and others are being outright misleading with their products. We're not talking about a light throttle either... we're looking at constant spikes down to 0.5GHz. Oh and as mentioned, it was still throttling with a fan placed directly over the top... granted not as badly but still.
  12. 100W is incredibly weak. If it can't maintain base clocks on a stock CPU which is on their supported CPU list, I'd argue it's misleading customers...
  13. Thanks for clarifying the components... RE the airflow situation though, is still throttles WITH a fan sitting directly on top, that's the main issue. Gigashyte.
  14. Hi All, Thought some would find this interesting. Might help someone with seemingly unknown throttling issues. Stock 2700x on a Gigabyte A320M-S2H, severe throttling after only a few seconds at 100% load. CPU temps are fine but upon further investigation the VRM's are causing the throttling - rapidly hitting 126c. How common is this sort of thing? This is outright misleading... a motherboard should surely be able to maintain base clocks on a 100% stock CPU? A general consumer would just think they have a dodgy CPU, unless they know what a VRM is and have an infrared the