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    ye olde i7 3770k @ 4.4Ghz @ hotter than the Sun
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    16GB Avexir Venom 2133
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    Strix 980 Ti with intel heatsink fans cable tied to it
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    Gamemax F15
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    Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2

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  1. Hi all, is there a free DIY way of setting up scheduled site blocking for productivity reasons, network wide? For example blocking facebook.com or youtube.com between 9am and 6pm. I know you can't do any scheduling via OpenDNS but there must be another way, without buying one of those netgear routers with live parental controls. Tia, Duck
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know of any good free productivity extensions/apps for chrome on PC? Need something that blocks certain websites at certain times. Also recommendations for a good explicit content blocker for a shared PC? Tia, Duck
  3. A friends computer (new build) had an issue where you would get a black screen after login with just the cursor. Googled a fix which involved disabling the "AppReadiness" process. This worked as a result, seemingly, has bricked the Microsoft Store app. It no longer exists as an installed application in the programs list, but the icon still shows in the start menu/tiles. Just does nothing when you click it. Nothing running in task manager for it. Tried the msreset.exe command, as well as PowerShell re-installs as per a quick google search but no cigar. Any ideas before I throw in t
  4. oh didn't realise they had wireless ones... I remember trying the wired ones years ago and they were pretty comfy. Cheers will check them out
  5. Looking for recommendations for headsets which don't feel like vice clamps on someone with a bigger head. Also something that doesn't heat up your ears to 1000 degrees. Not too bothered about perfect sound or mic quality, comfort is my priority here. Has to be wireless. Tia
  6. Oh I thought some AM4 boards did? Might be thinking of GPU VRM....
  7. Is there a way of creating a fan curve based on VRM temp? If so, what software can be used if any? Been using ye old speedfan on my current 3570k rig. I'm due an upgrade soon and want to build a "zero moving parts at idle" PC. Basically achieved it with my current rig with the expense of VRM's running hotter than the sun (overclocked CPU etc.), and no way of seeing VRM temps directly as my old mobo doesn't have VRM temp sensors. I don't really care about the longevity of my current rig but if I upgrade and do tinker with overclocking on some AM4 stuff, I would like the motherboard to survive a
  8. Just remembered the i5 4690k as well... wonder if that would clock just as high as the 4790k (silicon lottery aside)… might save a bit getting the i5 instead too
  9. Basically I do a lot of DDR3 RAM testing using memtest86... I've done some tests and it seems to only use 4 cores but scales massively well with better performing cores. Test completion times below for 1 pass with 4GB of DDR3 (quicker = better) Pentium G840 = 28:01 i5 2400 = 20:05 i7 2600k stock = 21:05 i5 3570k stock = 15:53 I was wondering if anyone could suggest what the best DDR3 compatible CPU is for quad-core performance? The 3570k I've tested can happily sit at 4.4GHz with an overclock but does need a de-lid and re-paste... so that's my best option
  10. Anyone know if there's a simple for this? Randomly all my profiles have gone from my Tartarus V2. Gunna be a total ass to set them all up again...
  11. Ok cool, I've noticed I can do this on my Gaming rig just via the taskbar as if it's a usb stick. I'll have to try it on my test rig... is there a BIOS setting relating to this maybe?
  12. Hi Guys, How do you safely hot-swap HDD's, if possible? I've got a system I use for wiping and pulling data off old drives and I want to get a few 5.25 to 3.5 hot swap bay for it. Can you hot swap HDD's on a Windows 10 machine with the machine still running? Is there a way of powering down the HDD first maybe before yanking it out? I don't really know what's best practise here... if there is one. And before anyone asks, external HDD docks aren't really practical for me. Tia, Duck.
  13. Over a year ago. Weirdly I've seen some other threads online on other sites of the exact same issue. Even users upgrading from 9xx to 10xx and actually seeing a drop in performance, on the same CPU.
  14. Online, 16GB. Was playing online before though with easy 50-60fps...
  15. Hi All, since jumping back on GTA after over a year since I last played... something isn't right. I used to play on an FX6100 and R9 280x and remember getting solid 50-60fps on medium ish settings. I'm now on a 3570k @4.4 and a 980 ti and GTA now runs like hot garbage. 30-40 fps with not much care on graphics settings. Spikes down to a stutter mess at times and and sometimes textures actually stop loading in as it waits for the CPU to catch up. CPU pegged at 100% all the time and GPU trotting along at around 50% to 75% usage depending on graphics settings. I know the CPU will be bo