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  1. I really don't Doesn't seem like this does what you need.
  2. Not sure if it even lets you display an index.* file at all like an apache or nginx does. It does look like like it really is only good for listing directoy contents. I couldn't find anything regarding checks for something like and .htaccess like file for any possible configuration either. I might be wrong, but I don't think this allows for this kind of feature.
  3. You could check out serve-index. It should mirror the default apache behaviour of listing directoy contents. There are also a few examples at the bottom of the README on their github page
  4. You seem to want a lot for a small price, which isn't easy. Depending on how you define "low cost", this might be a bit much, but the Fractal Define 7 would be an option. You can fit even a 360mm rad into it and way more than 4 3,5inch drives. There is even an XL version of it with even more drive bays.
  5. 1. Yes sure, it's the same concept of your private finances. You use multiple way and spread the risk. You could compare a file sitting on a harddrive of a cloudprovider to the same file on a local harddrive without any backups. You sould always have backups! Just using a cloud provider doesn't mean you have a backup for all eternity. 2. "They have the decryption keys": Just a claim without any proof, same goes for the "government requirements". You claim it to be so, nothing more. If you're scared, just encrypt your data locally and then send it to the cloud provider just as every
  6. 4.4 GHz is the default boost clock of the 4790k. It can run on that w/o any problems or overclock. A 240mm AIO is total overkill for this cpu. Any decent air cooler is more than enough to run this cpu on 4.4 GHz all the time. I did the same with mine for 6+ years. The temps you posted are more than fine, there is still headroom. There is no nead to improve cpu temps at all at this point
  7. Let me be the poor soul to read and comment on the rest As @Levent already said, try to deperate high compute power and storage focused systems. A storage system with game server ready power is more than fine, but going really high compute like mining and such in the same machines doesn't sound too good. Try to seperate both and pick ahrdware for each task. Otherwise you overspend on hardware that could in theory fit both use cases. How will you handle the backup part between both machines? I do understand your concept of " one is the backup of the other", but it does
  8. I have this one from Asrock Rack. It's an matx board, with 8 sata ports and 3 pcie slots which can be split into x4 in the bios. the two m.2 slots are only pcie3x2 and pcie2x4, so the only compromise you'd get is the m.2, which can be dealt with the open pcie slots. I really think there have to be some other boards who offer the same or comparable inputs EDIT: They also have a new x570 one (X570D4U-2L2T) which has even more and offers pcie4 which helps even more when it comes to pcie lanes. This one is expensive though.
  9. If you need a lot of sata ports, get a decent HBA. Otherwise you just work around the problem with bad solutions rather than actually fixing it. Same goes with M.2 slots. You cana lways just get a x4 pcie card to add another one or more of those. Tehre are more than enough matx board with 2 x8 pcie slots to add both into a single sytem. This increases the possible boards by a lot.
  10. I second the Connectx-3 cards, just bought 2 recently. Those still get official drivers and aren't that much more expensive than the older x2 model.
  11. I received the second btach of harddrives yesterday and again chinese ones. I again sent them back, but this to be credited. the seller was Mindfactorey, so not some small random shop, but after talking to their support again, they are just not able to guarantee what kind of drive one recives. I gladly found a local shop which can source an older model of the same drive for more or less the same price, but 100% with warranty valid in germany/europe. About the enterprise drives in general: What I personally want from the enterprise drives, is the 5 year warranty. I want a NAS c
  12. Since there is a lot of misinformation here, this is a full list of things your computer A actually does when sending a package/file to another computer B: Computer A checks the subnet mask of the target computer B with a logical bitwise AND to see if it's in the same network as computer B. In your case, they are Computer A checks its ARP table for the MAC address of computer B It didn't find the MAC address and sends an ARP request for the MAC address to the whole network on the broadcast IP (the last IP in the network) ALL computers in the network receive
  13. Thank you very much for the insights you provided. If that really is enough, than this solves the whole problem. Using a side intake is absolutely stupid because of a Rack mount, I really didn't think this case through enough :D. I will search for a fitting case with decent front intake w/o too many drive cage stuff in the front. The NH-D9L looks very good and even lets me mount a second fan onto it. The cooler seems to be enough for even higher wattage/usage cpus. The plan is to get one and mount a second NF-A9 to it. That should be more than enough for usage at stock as it seems.
  14. Hi, I'm currently buying everything for my new computer, but I'm kinda stuck with my desired case. I planed to use the SilverStone RM42-502, but here in Germany it's basically not byuable, because of the very bad availability. Buying it overseas directly costs me more shipping than the case itself. Therefore I'm searching an alternative to this case. The main selling point for me was the possibility to install a 240mm AIO into the case, because normal tower coolers, which I'd usually go for, like the NH-D15 or the Dark Rock Pro 4, are too high. A downdraft cooler like the Dark Rock TF, would b