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    Ryzen 5 3600 4.2ghz
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
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    G.Skill trident Z 3600mhz CL14
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    PNY GTX 1080 TI Blower edition (with accelero iii heatsink)
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    Fractal design Define R6
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    Sandisk z410 480gb SSD
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    Corsair RM850x 80plus GOLD
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    LG 27UD58-B 4k IPS
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    VTG 5
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    MSI B1 gaming
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    windows 10 home

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  1. i also have rm1000i same happens with that. Considering everything was fine with 3600 and it started happening with 5800x, Gigabyte board has terrible bios... but seen other people have same problem with msi boardas and zen 3 cpu's
  2. everything is checked, i have rtx 3080 and rm850x psu, both worked fine when i had r5 3600, but after 5800x upgrade i am getting random shutdowns
  3. hey guys, it's been maybe month or more since i upgraded my r5 3600 to 5800x, i have gigabyte x570 aorus elite motherboard, and my system started randomly shutting down with no BSOD at random stuff, it doesn't matter what i do, pc might be at idle, or browsing internet or playing some warzone or csgo it just happens and restarts. But i doesn't happed at specific task, i can game for 5 hours render videos or photo no problem and no shut down, and it can happen at the moment i least expect, for example i just turn on my pc launch csgo and after few matches it crashed and pc shut down. Event view
  4. I think i would sale 3080 and maybe for that money i would get amd card. I believe you that amd user won't swap his card at all, because it doesn't have such problems and performs well and Raytracing is just gimmic
  5. Hey guys, considering many 3080 have memory overheating issue and throttling, maybe getting rid of 3080 or 3090 would be good option ? Would you change your 3080(if you have one) to AMD card, considering very hot GDDR6X memory and degradation in performance due to it ?
  6. as you can see, there should be memory chip in that spot, it's same gigabyte model
  7. Main problem is , that it's odd that there is no memory module in that spot, if you check gigabyte gaming oc dissasembly in each video you will see that only upper 1 out of 3 banks are populated, and bottom one should be populated aswell, but it's not
  8. i have it for 3 months, main issue poor thermal pads, and gigabyte doesnt allow to change it yourself
  9. the odd thing is, that if you check some dissasembly of this card, only on the top of the card 1 out of three spots should be populated, and bottom one from photo should have memory chip too
  10. No no, if you check every dissasembly of this card, there should be memory chip there 100% but it's missing
  11. Today my mate from pc part shop asked to check my 3080, he sent me photo from clients gigabyte 3080 gaming oc and i have this model too. CHECK PHOTO it's bottom of the card, i think there should be memory chip, i checked my card and i see exactly the same. Any explanation ?
  12. Hey guys, just got my xiaomi redmi note 10 pro and it has android 11 and after installing facebook and messenger i notice that chat heads doesn't work, i mean there is no chat heads anymore there is bubbles, however they doesn't work, they are square if i open them and start typing i can't see what i am typing. Some Indish person showed that fix could be just installing older version of messenger like v265. And yes there will be chat heads, however sending photos doesn't work. Same issue on my friends poco f2 pro after android update. Any solutions ?
  13. People don't want gigabyte card for that much money sadly
  14. Hey guys, i have RTX 3080 gaming oc from gigabyte, been using it for three months, didn't mine with it, however memory temps at stock seems to be too high, it's around 100c while gpu itself heats to 67c. I did post earlier, and it's well know issue not only for gigabyte but seen someoone with msi suprim card with same issue. Gigabyte has terrible support, i asked them about thermal pads and can i change it myself, there is plenty of people with same issue and atleast in USA people are changing them, but i am in Europe. And gigabyte responded that i shouldn't dissasemble my card myself, i
  15. i would send it but i don't have any backup card, and i heard it will take atleast month to get my card back, i can't buy any backup card either something like 1050 ti goes for 300 eur here. Meanwhile i sold my 1080 Ti for 350eur half a year ago to my friend... he could sell it for 700eur now no problem.. but he won't. there is nothing to buy