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  1. CodeNova

    Awesome Jank Nuc Breifcase Laptop

    i'm with _Syn_, looks really 'hackerish' *two thumbs up*
  2. I'm not sure where you reside, but selling locally would be your best option, plus you save on shipping and insurance.
  3. Probably not, the market is saturated with bad systems. search ebay for a 'gaming computer' and look at the specs, then the price. Edit: better example It looks like they crammed a "HP Compaq 8200 Elite" into an rgb case, computer up-cycling?
  4. you might want to consider working for a local 'mom and pop' computer shop.
  5. sure, why not, just make sure you can get a client base first.
  6. CodeNova

    Custom power switch questions

    *nods* I agree.
  7. CodeNova

    Custom power switch questions

    @Struda How do you fell about using a micro controller? or a cheap Arduino clone?
  8. CodeNova

    Custom power switch questions

    Your fine, any reply is a good reply. I was gonna suggest he could do something with some discrete logic chips, maybe a bjt to control the power jumpers on the motherboard. Maybe a dc buzzer, or a 555 connected to a small speaker.
  9. CodeNova

    Custom power switch questions

    Right, but do they serve a purpose? I didn't know if you were going for like a 'combination lock' type thing. So they are 'just for looks'?
  10. CodeNova

    Custom power switch questions

    doesn't have to be a pipe dream, its a neat idea, what are the dial switches for?
  11. CodeNova

    Am I overthinking memory timings?

    I was watching this, this morning, you might find it helpful.
  12. CodeNova

    MySpace admits losing 12 years of music

    lol nobody uses myspace, its all about the BBS. directory call one, enjoy the sound of the modem, flashback Mondays!
  13. CodeNova

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Man, that's totally a remake.
  14. CodeNova

    LTT forum "banning" game

    *Eats :kappa, becomes :kappa* I am now :kappa Banned because :kappa is on the forum.
  15. CodeNova

    Can you beat my messy computer/gaming setup?

    My rooms a bigger mess, I would post a photo but I think I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. Ive said too much... *looks around frantically*