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  • Birthday Oct 06, 1989


  • CPU
    Intel i7 9700k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock z390 phantom 4s/ac
  • RAM
    (2x) Hp v6 8gb
  • GPU
    Geforce rtx 2070 super
  • Case
    Rosewill cullinan px
  • Storage
    Adata su750 1tb
  • PSU
    Gigabyte g750h
  • Display(s)
    (1x) AOC cq27g1/ (2x) asus ve248
  • Cooling
    240mm liquid cooler/ (4x) 120mm fans
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. That looks exactly like my fans & remote! I emailed Skytech to see if they recommend something, but if I had to lay money on it, I would bet they'll say Gamdias. Thanks again, to both of you. The real MVP's
  2. It's a prebuilt from Skytech. The controller has their logo on it and i cant find a brand or even model on the fans themselves. Never crossed my mind that its a proprietary connector. That's probably the reason for the confusion.
  3. My pc has a fan controller (pictured) and I was wanting to add a couple more case fans to the bottom of the case. Problem is I'm not sure which type this is or which type of fans I need to buy. I've seen 3 pin, 4 pin & molex connections in online stores, but this controller doesn't seem to match either of those. There are 8 pins in each slot, but when searching for 8 pin fans I couldn't find anything. What is the connector type that fits this? What type of case fan should I search for? Does connecting a fan to this single plug cover power, fan speed, and rgb lighting? Any advice would be m
  4. CMB

    First impressions

    Appreciate that man definitely an awesome community. Was checking out your profile. Your rig is spec'd out. U got a pic anywhere on this forum?
  5. CMB

    First impressions

    All of my friends grew up as console gamers. I'm still trying to show them the error of their ways that I recently learned myself. I don't think I'll be going anywhere either. Came from a few reddit subs. Guess that's why I felt a lil "less than" for having a prebuilt.
  6. CMB

    First impressions

    Thanks man. I'm gonna have to wait many years, no doubt. Wife would kill me if I even mentioned trying to buy another pc lol. Only regret is I didn't put it together myself. If I knew then what little I know now I may have taken the plunge. Just so overwhelming when ur brand new to the game. Looks like u have been on this forum for a good minute.
  7. Just wanted to say greetings to everyone and appreciate how great this community has been in my short time being a member. Had a question, and was answered within 24 hours. Although the answer wasn't what I wanted to hear, I heeded the advice of those who I'm sure had much more experience than myself. Looking forward to lurking more and learning everything I can so that hopefully I will have enough courage and confidence in a few years to build my next pc myself.
  8. Now I think I'm just gonna toss it. Appreciate the advice.
  9. First off, I'm brand new to building/modifying. I took a hard drive out of an old junk pc and was wanting to install it onto my own for extra storage. Problem is I cant find a place on my mobo for the 40 pin ribbon, and the only tutorial vids I could find on the net are for SATA connections. I've included a pic with all of the connections on the HDD. It's a wd400 enhanced IDE. Is there a way I could possibly rig this up? Or is this hard drive too outdated for a modern pc?