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Everything posted by Glinch

  1. Glinch

    What do you think of Teslas?

    You say that, while driving a car with a tank full of flammable gasoline. I don't see the problem with driving with a combustible fuel.
  2. Glinch

    What do you think of Teslas?

    They're cars. I like cars.
  3. Glinch

    New mouse for bigger hands.

    As the title says, I'm in need of a new mouse. I used to have a Func MS-3 that sadly broke on me in the middle of the night, so I had to go to this 24 hour superstore to grab one from their inventory. The choice landed on a Razer Deathadder, as it was the only even slightly appealing option in the store. Now a couple of years down the road, the mouse is starting to break on me, and I'd like it to be larger, as I vastly prefer palm gripping my mice and the size of the Deathadder doesn't allow for that. Reply with your suggestions below and why I should pick it.
  4. Glinch

    New mouse for bigger hands.

    I don't like the edges, also it's about the same size as the Deathadder.
  5. Glinch

    does everyone by vans

    No, I have more of an affection for Adidas footwear, i love my sneakers.
  6. Glinch

    The Kitchen.

  7. Glinch

    need a jailbreak for ps4

    Ok? When did I ever say that they would sue him?
  8. Glinch

    Hello, world!

    techish? what country is that?
  9. Glinch


    @Dan Castellaneta
  10. Glinch

    do you like hot cheetos

    I like these.
  11. Glinch

    need a jailbreak for ps4

    Jailbreak is bad, the hardware may be your property, but the software that runs on it is just licensed to you by Sony. This is a direct transcript from the EULA: 2. RESTRICTIONS You may not lease, rent, sublicense, publish, modify, patch, adapt or translate System Software. If you do this, Sony has the right to sue your ass to the moon and back, since you're breaking the license agreement that you agreed with by using your PS4.
  12. Glinch

    Why are noctua fans so ugly?

    Because you need something to ask about, also brown is cool.
  13. Glinch

    Is 4K worth it ?

    2650x1440 is still amazing, no need for 4k. 3440x1440 is godly tho.
  14. Glinch

    Coolermaster CPU 240L RGB Stock Fan Replacements

    Buy Noctua. Dab on every other manufacturer.
  15. Glinch

    Ear rape music

    Protip: If this so called "ear rape" music hurts your ears, turn the volume down.
  16. Glinch

    A Bad Day at Work

    Ok, Hunter S. Thompson. You might not like your job, but it won't kill you, and you'll appreciate your free time much more.
  17. Glinch

    The Kitchen.

    No but seriously, gas is the best. Don't @ me.
  18. Glinch

    The Kitchen.

    i like food and drink.
  19. Glinch

    What MY School HAS!!

    This all seems very nice, and i believe that school is more than just learning, but i have a hard time justifying this if the money could've gone to more staff, or better teaching facilities. if it's privately funded then awesome!
  20. Glinch

    Are mx browns really that bad?

    No they aren't I like them better than any of the easy to get MX keys.
  21. Glinch

    4k tv that doesn't violate my privacy?

    Don't buy LG then, My fairly new Samsung TV isn't locked out because of lacking internet access.
  22. Glinch

    How to get cheap windows 10 key

    Don't give your money to Microsoft, you pay for Windows 10 just by all the data they're mining from you. Use a key reseller, that's what I've done in the past when I've needed a key for a Microsoft product.
  23. Glinch

    1080p gaming on a 2k 30 inches monitor

    Ok, let's get something straight. By 2K i assume you mean 2560x1440, everyone calls it that and you should too, calling resolutions by a random number and then suffixing a K is dumb and inaccurate. Now that this is out of the way, resolution is resolution and quality won't increase when you get a larger monitor. So if you play on 1920x1080 on a 30" monitor you'll get worse quality than on a 24" monitor, if you play on native resolution it'll be a bit better than playing on a 24" 1920x1080 monitor. The Pixels Per Inch(PPI) on a 30" monitor is 97.91 whereas the PPI on a 30" display is 73.43. A 24" 1920x1080 display is 91.79 PPI for comparison so running the native resolution of 2560x1440 on a 30" monitor will give a slightly better picture. Also your specs should be fine for running 2560x1440 with a resonable framerate.
  24. Glinch

    4k tv that doesn't violate my privacy?

    Don't connect your TV to the internet. Should be simple enough. If you want "smart" features get an Apple TV or Chromecast or something.
  25. Glinch

    should linus go to jail

    Yes, he should. For producing criminally cringeworthy content.