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  1. Next paycheck i'm getting some winter tires. Currently in the process of ordering a full LED interior kit for the car also. I'm content with my computer and will be for a long time ahead, also cars are my hobby now.
  2. So guys, I'm planning to upgrade my build, It's been a good while since I was in the rodeo and i just want a sanity check to see if I've missed anything compatibility wise. I'm swapping my trusty old 4770K out with a 3700X, pairing it with the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus. I'm keeping my 1080ti as it's still weirdly one of the best cards out there even though it's getting old. I'm done with noisy spinning disks, so I'm going to get a 1tb m.2 NVMe drive to supply my 500gb SATA SSD, not sure what one yet. I'm keeping my nugget EVGA 750G2, as it's still an awesome performer and the Cablemod kit i have for it looks damn good. I'm stuffing all these goodies into a Meshify C and I'm looking at the Dark Rock 4 Pro to cool the CPU.
  3. Listen to this timestamp again. You can disable it.
  4. Is the SupremeFX S1220A worth the upgrade to the ROG X570 boards over the TUF one? I run Beyerdynamic cans btw not some usb headset.
  5. Eat more protein and work out.
  6. TRIKE69 Requesting IFR clearance to 40000ft.
  7. I'm really into cute girls and the Mi-24 Hind
  8. Absolutely fucking not. The most "NSFW" we do is talk trash about our competitors. What happens IRL on night shift tho, that's another story.
  9. Any sane person doesn't polish a hammer. Also of course i'd clean it if it was actually dirty. But a bit of dust can't hurt.
  10. Lima Oscar Lima 420 Requesting mayday.
  11. Anyone know if Ducky is going to release a white 100% One 2 RGB?
  12. git gud Seriously tho, just study hard. If you have ADD or ADHD then take your Adderall.
  13. If it doesn't have hot air balloons buzzing the tower at mach 3 in multiplayer, it's not Microsoft Flight Simulator for me.
  14. I'm more worried about the apparent gravel pit you call a yard, than the ducks nesting under that shrub.
  15. Oh wow didn't actually know that it contributed so much, I don't watch LTT anymore but there's a couple of channels that I'm more than happy to support.
  16. This is honestly such a good track, we lost Avicii way too early, he was one of the greatest.

  17. Good job! Now you can use some time mastering photography.