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    The great Kamek
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    Did I say I am an enthusiastic? Maybe...


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
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    MSI B350 PC Mate
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    Team T-Force Vulcan 16GB (2x8)
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    ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
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    Phanteks Eclipse P400
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    WD 1TB 7200RPM, WD Blue 500GB SSD
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    CORSAIR CX Series CX650 650W
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    Dell SE2717HR 27" 75HZ
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    AMD Wrath Spire
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    Rosewill Neon K85 Blue switches
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    Corsair M65 Elite
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    Windows 10 64-bit Pro

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  1. I have an internet plan that can go up to 1GB download speed, but my wiring between my PC and modem is short.
  2. I am aware both connection types have same transmission speed, but different max bandwidth. Is it worth upgrading to the 6 type?
  3. Has anybody successfully convinced them to branch out to your local town or city before?
  4. is anyone bother by iOS devices pumping out constant app updates? Why is this the case?
  5. my freaking corsair mice has problems with syncing iCue after my PC is awake from sleep mode
  6. But the thing is I wanted a card that is highly suitable for my spending habit. But what about Credit One
  7. The reason I choose this card is I wanted flexible spending rewards. I often buy restaurants & fast food and shop online. Plus, grocery is a nice bonus whenever. The card offers freedom of choice on which category I want to activate for each month. Another card I took interest is Credit One SavorOne. It offers food too, but I rarely spend on entertainment stuff.
  8. Sometimes, automated voice does not work in all situations
  9. Yeah, I recently tried to talk one of the sale rep. about those question, and no luck due to confusing and dead-end call routing paths. And here I am on this forum
  10. Then it is assumption the Razer mice is out of the choice...
  11. Yeah, their T and C are not 100% clear on what merchants are eligible. And for banking, I can do online banking and managing my credit card without any repercussion of no branches nearby?
  12. I have few questions about that credit card type. For the Online Shopping category, is Ebay.com eligible? Is it possible to be approve when there is no BoA branch nearby in my area?
  13. The logitech G hub works fine for me... And currently, I run 2 softwares too: One from Rosewill keyboard and other is iCue mice
  14. What are your thoughts? Are their software not as broken as Corsair's iCue? I chose these because they fit right in my budget and the stuff I needed