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Everything posted by RadicalMods

  1. RadicalMods

    GTX 780 reference card for $250?

    So my local electronics store has a ref 780 for sale at $250 bucks, is it worth it?
  2. RadicalMods

    GTX 780 reference card for $250?

    Its for my rendering rig btw. You think that will matter?
  3. I just need something for browsing, no gaming. I can't decide. This or this
  4. RadicalMods

    Suggest me a good video editing software

    Adobe Premiere is the best thing to use, its pretty simple for the most part. Just download it from Adobe's website and use the trial version, or crack it.
  5. RadicalMods

    [NSFW] [Morbid] The Evora Bone Chapel.

    I told him it was interesting. He walked away. What kind of asshole boss do you have?
  6. RadicalMods

    [NSFW] [Morbid] The Evora Bone Chapel.

    How is this [NSFW]? DISAPPOINTED
  7. RadicalMods

    Talk me out of buying a blue yeti.

    You dont need to do all that....
  8. RadicalMods

    Talk me out of buying a blue yeti.

    Or just get a sound isolated room or make a small recording room with foam everywhere.
  9. RadicalMods

    How big are you.

    As big as you want me to. Check out my mustard yo
  10. RadicalMods

    PC vs PS4 vs XboxOne

    WII U IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!
  11. RadicalMods

    Microsoft Is taking trade-ins for old surface

    HOOK ME UP MA MICROSOFT DAWGS! I want to make surfaces into skateboarrdddss! YAYA
  12. RadicalMods

    Comcast ripped off Apple's tagline to make a TV remote look special

    OOOO comcast in philly!!! qq check out this picteureee verizoon vs coomest !! HAHAHA
  13. RadicalMods

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    What anime is this
  14. RadicalMods

    NZXT PC Cases.

    H440 is the best looking IMO but if you wanna save cash go S340
  15. RadicalMods

    Should I get this girl I like a valentine?

    Give it to her when its just you and her, so its not that stressful for you. She is just another human, gl!
  16. RadicalMods

    arm hurts?

    The problem might be here
  17. RadicalMods

    What do you guys think about next-gen gaming?

    PC will always be the master race!
  18. RadicalMods

    Help me choose a new phone (Android)

    This is for you, looking at what you described
  19. RadicalMods

    Steam mystery sale

  20. RadicalMods

    Help Needed.....Red or Green

  21. RadicalMods

    Project Maxwell

    Nice build bro!
  22. RadicalMods

    Snapchat: 100 thousand files breached

    The fappening is happening all over again
  23. RadicalMods

    Worst Flagship CPUs & GPUs?

    It was the flagship of the Kaveri line, and it was pretty good I am not gonna lie. If you get it from Micro Center for 100 bucks and OC it with a decent cooler its a great APU chip.
  24. RadicalMods

    AMD Announces R9 280 GPU

    Same, Waiting on that giveaway.