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  1. Its for my rendering rig btw. You think that will matter?
  2. So my local electronics store has a ref 780 for sale at $250 bucks, is it worth it?
  3. Adobe Premiere is the best thing to use, its pretty simple for the most part. Just download it from Adobe's website and use the trial version, or crack it.
  4. I told him it was interesting. He walked away. What kind of asshole boss do you have?
  5. Or just get a sound isolated room or make a small recording room with foam everywhere.
  6. As big as you want me to. Check out my mustard yo
  7. WII U IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!
  8. HOOK ME UP MA MICROSOFT DAWGS! I want to make surfaces into skateboarrdddss! YAYA
  9. OOOO comcast in philly!!! qq check out this picteureee verizoon vs coomest !! HAHAHA
  10. H440 is the best looking IMO but if you wanna save cash go S340
  11. Give it to her when its just you and her, so its not that stressful for you. She is just another human, gl!