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  1. I was going to ask when this happened. I worked for a major retailer up to 2012 and we used Support.com and had free virus check/clean up program. We used flash drives with Norton branded scannesr for the free scan and hooked it up to the network for Support.com to remove stuff if the customer wanted. If the customer went with the virus removal they could buy Norton at a big discount. I was lead tech in my store and never saw any monkey business.
  2. Wow, this makes total sense and relatable to me. As a 54 year old techie, finding women with my interests has been difficult after moving away from the academic world. Don't give up hope guys and girls. Even if you are using that "substitute" Lego, perhaps that Lego would appreciate the company. I may have found my Lego but there is a waiting game involved. Hah, some things never change from teenage years.
  3. Why do you guys have Windows issues? Why are you hated?
  4. Kudos for setting up your lil bro with games. I hope you get things working. I'm glad I saved my WinXP for older games I installed on my last retired build. Old school Need for Speed is awesome again.
  5. Wait wut? No pinball? You are dead to me. We have little in common but I am UnderRAPS on Steam.
  6. $1.25 sounds like a good deal but then again, I'm no dust/temp nazi when it comes to PCs.
  7. Budget full frame, good enough for me. I might have to put on wishlist for next year.
  8. Looks normal, nothing to see. Move along.
  9. Seems like a decent camera for vacation use. I'd recommend a backup battery because lots of reviews on this camera report short battery charge.
  10. I second this comment. I started as a level one tech, no certs or tech degree (environmental science degree) in the printer industry. Mentally painful work over the phone. I moved onto mobile phone support when phones were becoming a thing and money was actually good. I'm still in tech but as an independent with local businesses and neighbors/friends.
  11. I found one for $499 (new...) but seller has no reviews. How reliable is eBay protection? I've only bought used from Amazon sellers
  12. Seriously? ASL? Freaks here I tell ya! ? Now fix my reset button!
  13. The Panasonic GH5 got good reviews from my camera sources.
  14. Oh forgot to mention, those games in the bundles will come with Steam keys.
  15. Hard to pick. Try grabbing a bundle deal, you can choose what to pay. You might find a game you'll like. Granted, you'll find games that are still young in development and seem like "trash" but hey, small devs need to start somewhere. If you like pinball, Steam has Zaccaria Pinball that is free to play (one full table) and a deal on a bunch of full retro tables for 99 cents.
  16. You are kinda spread out there. Do you like indie titles? I like this place, they even have free games with good stories https://www.indiegala.com/
  17. I just use dish soap to clean my screens. Nothing fancy is needed. Avoid glass cleaner because some can have additives that will harm any coatings on the screen.
  18. It's not a permanent move, just to give Epic time to get most of the pie. Steam will get it later.
  19. I think you just gave all the wannabe techs here an aneurysm by making them think about sports. ?
  20. OMG, asking for career advice here? Do you know how many kid "techs" live in the woodwork?
  21. Pats his pc with banking info PW=Iloveyou123 now is Iloveyou123!
  22. Not just you https://downdetector.com/status/apex-legends
  23. Not getting my specs man. NEVER!! Besides, I'll never come here for help (I only troll) because I know how to properly search for answers on my own. Now excuse me while I kick some joe-techies off my lawn.