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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asus Prime X570-P
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    Patriot Viper 4000Mhz Samsung B-die
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  1. Would it really take that long? I'd imagine a single 3080 could attempt billions of operations (i.e., passwords) at a file per second. Combine the forces of a couple thousand high end GPU's, I'd imagine you'd be able to guess trillions of passwords per second. Lol.
  2. Holy shit, I wish every advertiser would do this! Facebook cannot ban all of em'! Lol.
  3. For that to happen Apple would lose this suit lol. That is the premise of this case, that using "buy" is misleading. If they are forced to stop using the word buy, then they would be admitting and or the court would be ruling that "buy" is misleading.
  4. Yes, but stupid executives at these massive companies think, more ads, equals free money. Unfortunately, they failed to account for the loss of userbase over implementing those ads.
  5. See Epic v. Apple... Avoiding the 30% cut by any means results in the app being removed from the store...
  6. I bought the largest one the second it was restocked! I was probably the very first purchaser haha.
  7. We simply need more competition. I understand that the barrier to entry is extremely high when it comes to fabs. But that's no excuse considering the level of demand and dependence the entire world has on these products. Chip production needs to be a national interest of the US government, and having more than just one fab here is essential.
  8. This is not a new idea, this has been discussed for a good bit of time now. Also, you will most certainly be banned for doing so.
  9. Awesome, I guess my final question would be what orientation should the tubes be mounted for the GPU on the side, should they be down or up? I cannot figure out from watching Steve's video which would be the best.
  10. I have an RTX 3080 FTW Ultra that I will be putting the Hybrid Kit on here soon, which is essentially a 240 AIO. I also have a 240 liquid freezer II that I need to mount in the O11 Dynamic case (Razer edition if that matters, shouldn't). What would you guys recommend? What would be the best layout for performance/longevity of the pumps? I was thinking CPU AIO exhaust out the top, GPU AIO exhaust out the side, and have intake fans along the bottom of the case. Would love some opinions on this.
  11. So, don't stake money and hurt the big cats from being able to get rich quicker?
  12. Quick question, will the Asus Strix RX 6900 XT (this card) fit in the Meshify C (this case)? Friend was asking me and I couldn't find the proper dimensions, particularly for the rad clearance if mounted on the top.