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  1. Yea same here I never mess around with this stuff unless its just adding a new drive. I just disabled bitlocker so I think everything will be back to normal so I'll just delete the volume and expand it like wizardy said. Ill update here in a few minutes!
  2. I just looked in the disk D and there looks to be some windows files
  3. Yea I didn't encrypt it, it was like this out of the box I found it to be a bit weird no pun intended. I don't have anything important on the PC I wanted everything to be on drive C I can disable encryption in the windows settings.
  4. Hello once again! So I purchased a laptop and it has a 500gb drive and for some reason 94GB of it was partitioned no idea why. Is there any way to delete this partition and just have the single one? Or will i have to do a clean install? Thanks,
  5. There's a crap ton just looking to see what others were using. I went with the uni USB c to display port cable.
  6. https://rog.asus.com/us/laptops/rog-strix/2021-rog-strix-g15-advantage-edition-series/ Here we go
  7. Looking for a good DP to USB c cable for my laptop. Plugging into a 1080p 144hz freesync display any suggestions?
  8. Hello I'm looking to a DP 1.4 to USB type C this is for my laptop so I can plug it into an external display. My laptop has USB 3.2 gen 2 port that supports dp I'm using a 1080p panel that is 144hz. The reason I'm asking is one because I've never used this type of cable and two there's a lot of them out there that claim they support x and y but don't. Just looking to see if anyone knows of a good cable also if it's shorter that would be great like 4ft
  9. yea im a dum dum for this one ahaha. Since the usb typc C can be used as a display driver or to charge i thought that it was the dedicated charging port xDD. Thanks for the link with the docks I may actually use one later on and thanks for being patient while my brain slowly processed this ahah
  10. bahahaha I'm an idiot..... I was under the impression that the usb type c was the charging port like with some other laptops.. Didnt realize there was a dedicated port as well. so i can just get a usb 3.2 type c ge 2 to DP never mind ahahah
  11. So the laptops charging port is the usb 3.2 type C but that same port acts as the display port as well. I'm wanting to dock this laptop eventually and just use it as a desk top with it plugged into an external display. that being said its going to need to charge as well could I use that dell hub since it has power passthrough and use the displayport that on the hub to drive my primary display? i looked into it and the hub only offers up to 90w charging and the laptop is 100watt
  12. Yea I saw this and it made me hesitant to buy it but its a good deal for what you're getting. What i failed to realize is the lack of a mini DP or a second usb 3.2 type C with DP and im not sure if I'd be able to use the hub like the one mentioned above.