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    Gaming, Reading, Movies, F1, Football (the proper kind, not the hand egg kind), Cars (both fixing and racing), House repairs and interior design, property developing and just chilling with a good book and a decent scotch.
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    Been around tech my whole life, both as work as well as a hobby. I've been gaming since pong machines in the late 70's, Atari 2600, Vic 20, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Mega Drive, SNES, PSX, PS2, Xbox, Wii...first home PC in mid 90's, online in 97 and then building my own systems for over 20yrs.
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    IT Security Consultant (Former Social Work, Youth Worker, Stand Up Comedian, Game Designer/tester)


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    Ryzen 5 2600X
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro
  • RAM
    32GB Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    Sapphire RX 5700 XT Pulse
  • Case
    Sharkoon BW9000
  • Storage
    1x 250GB WD Black NVME. 2x 1TB, Crucial MX500, 2x Seagate 3TB
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 Gold 650W
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    1x AOC 27" Curved 144hz Gaming Freesync, 2x Acer 27" Freesync
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115 Pro, 4x Corsair 140 ML, 1x 120 ML
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Straife RGB
  • Mouse
    Corsair Glaive
  • Sound
    SPDIF out to Sony 7.1 Amp
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro

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  1. After installing my dishwasher that my sister gave me... I decided I needed a lot of new dinnerware and cutlery that was both dishwasher safe and because I last bought new dinnerware 10yrs ago and have broken a load of it... so now I no longer have enough to even fill a 12 place setting dishwasher. So I grabbed 6 new white porcelain side plates, 6 new white porcelain large pasta bowls, 6 white porcelain egg cups that can also double for dips, 6 tall cone glasses and 6 matching tumblers... and 6 large glass coffee cups... I wanted 6 more of the half round cappuccino cups because I had 2 already... but the buggers had stopped selling them and nothing else was big enough in plain white. They had the exact same cups but in a cream with blue pattern... and I'm a firm believer that dinner are should always be plain white... you can accent your kitchen/dinning areas with colours and accessories... but if you buy coloured/patterned plates... if you change the colours in a room... you need all new dinnerware. I then grabbed some quirky, cutlery... 2 sets, so 12 of everything and some serving dishes and a couple of new stainless steel roasting pans. Total cost... £93.50 from Ikea... So the free £300 dishwasher has cost me around £180 to install which includes a new base unit for the kitchen, all of the plumbing parts and all of the new dinnerware/cutlery. Now I really want a new kitchen to go with it all... Fuck I'm old... Hankering after a new kitchen instead of a sports car and a kick ass gaming PC.
  2. Wrap it in a blanket, and slot it down in the footwell behind the seat... or strap it in with the seatbelt. You just need something padded/soft to help absorb any bumps along the way.
  3. Now you are trying to redefine what a 'backup' is... a backup in it's simplest form is a direct copy of the other. I was being a little pedantic, yet what I said was completely true... and now you're trying to move the goalposts to suit your 'specific' narrower requirement of 'backup' that agrees with your side of the debate.
  4. technically, a mirrored array is a backup of the other drive... But I've had an array fail and never got any kind of warning or notification that it had failed... by the time we noticed it was too late to rebuild the array. So I replaced the array with a single SSD and a 2TB, and scheduled a regular backup. (this was on my folks PC years ago). Back then cloud backup wasn't really a big thing and was really expensive especially if trying to back up more than 5-10gb.
  5. I was considering upgrading my mediaserver and using my current gaming rig parts on that and buying new 3xxx and X570 for my gaming rig... But I might do a temp upgrade and simply convert my mediaserver over to windows 10 as Windows 7 it's currently on is EOL in Jan... and wait for Ryzen 4xxx series CPU's and X670 chipset... as that will most likely be the last release on the AM4 platform and we'll see AM4+ in 2021... Which is what AMD normally do with their platforms. Doesn't really make sense to buy 3xxx now they've announced Zen3 4xxx series in early 2020 and a jump from 2xxx to 3xxx isn't a big enough upgrade to make economical sense... it was purely about upgrading the mediaserver because windows 7 is end of life and that system is getting really old... It doesn't 'need' to be all latest and greatest. So when I go Zen 3 4xxx series... that's a 2gen jump rather than one.
  6. Linus would just do a 'faux break in' to his studio and steal a load of tech to 'build' his system and claim the victory... We all know what a cheat he is and how he hates to lose.
  7. They already get these things sponsored.. latest one was what... Honey? So costs are pretty much covered by the sponsorship deal... I think they should go really big for the 10th anniversary year... Send Linus Vs Luke to the UK or EU... no prebuilts give them £400 €350 and they have to get everything inc all peripherals... it has to be a complete build and 'safety' tested so that they can be donated to a local charity at the end of it. Points should be awarded for cost vs performance as well as how good it looks... So run tests that can rate the CPU, GPU and any hard drives individually instead of just running a game benchmark or synthetic benchmarking suites... and combine the results so you have both synthetic and real world tests. Gaming tests should involve a timed run though a level, as well as FPS so that it can't be skewed by a more skilful player as was the case in this current SYW. but points deducted for any RGB crap.
  8. As opposed to Linus buying prebuilts... I guess you could argue that at least he had to mod PSU's to work with them... But prebuilt is prebuilt
  9. I've still got my fridge freezer that I bought back in 2003, still going strong. My stove/oven is from 2006. I've still got a Wii from around 2007, doesn't get used much any more though. My mediaserver is based on the AMD FX platform from around 2010 onwards... although this current iteration of it was built around 2013 and had minor upgrades over the last 6yrs. My controller for my gaming PC is from 2010 and still works perfectly. My tablet is the nVidia Shield K1 from circa 2016 But I think my current oldest piece of tech is a food processor that my mum gave me, it's hers from the late 70's or early 80's and still works. I'm pretty sure some of the wiring in my house dates back to the 1950's.
  10. To be honest, the only reason I bought this house was because I couldn't stand living in my old place any longer after my partner died... It was only a 1 bed apartment but quite large and had a small garden. I was able to sell that right before the crash happened and I moved back to my folks for a while whilst I looked for a new place. Then the crash hit and everything went to crap... No one was selling as house prices crashed and left everyone in neg equity. I kept looking at houses that required 20-30k spending on them to make them liveable. people were getting repossessed and trashing their houses when the left... or starting reno work and running out of money when they realised they couldn't afford to finish and make a profit... weeks turned into months, which turned in a year before I found this one. It was in need of minor work to make it liveable... some decorating, flooring, a new back door and some minor plumbing and electrical work. But it meant after I'd paid of my old mortgage and took what was left... I only needed to borrow 30k to finance this one... an absolute steal... even in spite of the work needed. I spent about 6 weeks getting it ready and moved in... it's a couple of towns over from where I grew up... but I needed a fresh start... then the following year my dads health got worse and his parkinsons turned into dementia as well... I ended up giving up work at the end of 2010 to help my mum care for him... We'd lost my brother a few years earlier and my sister lived further away and had her own business... Made sense for me to do it... So for the next 6yrs or so, I struggled by... repairs and renovations kept getting pushed back. I'd do minor things but was basically treading water and keeping on top of regular maintenance... So when my dad passed late 2016... I was able to get back to looking for work... which took a while as employers don;t like a 6yr gap in your work history, even when you explain why. It took about 18 months for me to get back to a position where I had a reasonable amount of savings... and I had a few windows replaced and was starting demo work on the spare bedroom when the roof sprang a leak... it wasn't going to last another winter. So it got replaced and the spare room was placed on hold again... then I had to replace the car.. and back it was pushed once more... I did some minor jobs as money was saved... finally bought a nice new oak dining room table and chairs after years of a wobbly hand me down table my Aunt bought in the early 80's. Built a new gaming PC, bought a new 4K TV... and back the reno got pushed once more. But next year... that spare room WILL be done.
  11. It's a 3 bed mid terrace town house, footprint is about 45 square meters, and roughly 85 in total. During the spring/summer/autumn I hardly use any gas at all and my average gas bill is £10-20... but the heating gets turned back on around late Oct until March/April and if we have a cold winter I can easily do £100 a month in gas alone. To combat that I've moved my wireless thermostat to halfway up the stairs... So the rooms I hardly use downstairs are a little colder... I've got a fire in the lounge I can put on for 20 mins to warm the room up if needed and that will keep it cosy for hours. The kitchen is a cold room anyway if not cooking because it's very long and only has a single radiator at the dining room end. I do most of my lounging around upstairs in my office which is a small room 3m x 3m and only needs a very small radiator that's positioned about 2ft from where I sit... My PC and monitors put out a fair bit of warmth too. So it's the warmest room in the house. If I get cold... I put a jumper on... but the house is warm enough, the roof space is well insulated and only front/rear walls are outside ones... the only section of my house that is lacking insulation is the porch extension that needs the walls doing... roof is fine. So that's got 3 outside walls on it. It's just me here most of the time, I tend to visit others more often that come here... I'm still renovating and it's taking longer than planned as I keep finding crappy DIY from previous owners that has to be fixed before I can actually improve things properly. I've just pulled an old 1000mm cabinet in the kitchen replaced it with a 300mm unit, so I can squeeze a dishwasher in that my sister gave me (she moved, new home has one built in). I've been living on my own for over 20yrs and it's my first dishwasher. I still need a new kitchen and a new bathroom... what I have is functional but not pretty... but those rooms are the most expensive and I would have done the bathroom and one bedroom last year. But discovered I had to replace the entire roof... so there goes close to £6k, followed a couple of months later by needing to replace thee car which swallowed the rest of it. So 18 months later, I'm just getting myself back in a position to be able to do another room... I had new fencing done at the front that cost me £1600 last month. But these are the pitfalls of owning an older home... Mine was built in the early 50's when materials were scarce after WWII, so corners were cut and shitty DIYers did more damage than good. On the bright side... I paid about 40% under market value for the house in 09 due to the crash and the worthless previous owners defaulting on their mortgage... I've actually met them (although they don't know it) and they really are worthless people. So my house has improved about 120% over what I paid in the last 10 and a bit years and my mortgage only has 4yrs left to run on it. When that's done... I can literally dump any extra 4k into my savings each year to finish the house. isn't DIY fun. No... it isn't.
  12. and you use about 5x as much to get the same result. I did read something many years ago about how thermodynamics works when heating with gas/electric and the end result was very similar.
  13. It's not really a fair comparison though. I now cook on electric and the only gas I use is for my central heating boiler... My bills have remained pretty much static over the last few years at around £70 a month... What I've done is switch to more efficient ways of cooking. I've used my main oven once in 5yrs, I have a microwave convection, grill which cooks quicker and better than the oven (which cost me a fortune when I bought it 12yrs ago)... and recently I bought an air fryer... That thing can cook simple foods quicker than it takes my oven to warm up to temp. So I'm using less leccy... hence the cost of my bills going up, but being brought down by more efficient use as well as more efficient bulbs and more efficient tech.
  14. Hardly surprising... old Musky rarely has an original idea... he simply takes things other people think of and puts them out there for others to try and figure out... then claims credit for 'his idea'.
  15. I thought it was Ryzen 2xxx series that were 3200mhz rated... with the first gen only being a little more than the stock 2133mhz. Even then it can often be a bit of a lottery... my R5 2600X on an Aorus Pro B450 won't run my 3200mhz Corsair Vengeance stable at anything over 3000mhz.