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    United States
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    Filming, Electronics, Broadcasting, Making YouTube videos.
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    Hello there, I am ZFD also known as Zachary. I make videos on a YouTube channel called ZFD. Consider subscribing, that would be epic!
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    YouTuber, Writer


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    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
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    2x8 ddr4 2667
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB
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    Acer G246HL Abd 24-Inch
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    2 Fans, One works
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    PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired [7200 DPI]
  • Sound
    Sony - XB950B1
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. At this point, I predict a tens of thousands of people are infected.
  2. I doubt they are doing anything severely sketchy, obviously big business deals or something. I would go with the better card though. Bang for the buck if you know what i mean.
  3. Asus PRIME H310M-E R2.0 or the Gigabyte B365M DS3H Those are good options although, you may want to consider upgrading your processor if you are willing to take the whole pc apart just for the motherboard upgrade.
  4. You would have to format it, but you would have to copy the data first. Only E and C drives because they are partitioned.
  5. Teacher: Doesn't know what the cloud is. I would have counted it correct.
  6. What I mean is try it with a brace maybe before you duct tape it.
  7. duct tape... But, seriously, it could work, try it to find out is your best option.
  8. You really don't need to upgrade, as previously said. Furthermore, please consider holding off until the later ryzen 4th generation.
  9. You could get more out of your budget by upgrading the CPU for now.
  10. ZFD

    Typing Speed

    Have you guys tried, NitroType?
  11. ZFD

    Typing Speed

    Hey, I like how you put a picture, as they say, its worth a thousand words.
  12. ZFD

    Typing Speed

    words per minute