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    repeat after me... I will only worship Satoshis Whitepaper


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    Intel i7 9700k
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    ASRock Z390 Extreme 4
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  1. No, it can't as far as I know. You should return the monitor and get a refund. Rather buy something else
  2. First get the basics. How does Bitcoin mining work? Why are there any other crypto currencies? What are the differences? What is the reason Bitcoin was created for? Ask yourself those questions and you will find tons of informations on the net. Here a Video to start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBC-nXj3Ng4
  3. You can buy Dogecoins f.e on Kraken. But to me this sounds like you have no idea what you are really investing in.
  4. So when I use input from an Excel worksheet I'd have to fill in the variables into the () correct? And in the first question the Function itself just grabs the datatype from the output varible's datatype right?
  5. Looks like the GPU is broken. RIP p.s. plug the Monitor to a different PC or Laptop and try out if the monitor is not the problem. Since you say it's the third monitor with this problem get maybe a different one if the GPU is not the issue.
  6. Hey guys I'd like to know if it is necessary to declare the datatype of the output in the first line of the code after function Name () As Datatype Since I tried out a small code and it worked, was it only coincidence? And Also I'd like to know if it is also mandatory to fill the () ? I worked on the following code where it all worked out without those two things. Function datatypeTest() dim firstValue As Double dim secondValue As Double dim output As Long firstValue = 1.2 secondValue = 2.4 output = firstValue + secondValu
  7. Check first which resoulition will allow you to use 75Hz. Most monitors only give you 75Hz at FHD and 60Hz at WQHD. Whats the resolution you want to play with? If you are not a gamer, choose 75Hz. The response time is not that important then.
  8. Hey guys, I am just curious which specifications this microphone has because I couldn't not found anything usefull on the Apple website. If anyone could help, I'd be thankful! Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys does anyone know how to remove the SIMLOCK from a Siemens A50? The phone is 17 years old now and Siemens does not even produce phones anymore so I don't know how to solve this. I contacted the Provider and they just said Siemens only can do this, but I am sure someone here knows the solution. I have the IMEI of it. Thanks in advance
  10. Tbh I thought about just buying a Win 10 pro key and adding it. This university licences always have problems in my experience. Would it work without problem to update it to Pro then?
  11. How can I see this? I only know that it shows on my computer at "All Info" my name and administration. But on the laptop it just says name email and nothing else. The laptop wants to know a Password now too, but we didn't set up any.
  12. It just says Workgroup: WORKGROUP