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  1. Hey guys does anyone know how to remove the SIMLOCK from a Siemens A50? The phone is 17 years old now and Siemens does not even produce phones anymore so I don't know how to solve this. I contacted the Provider and they just said Siemens only can do this, but I am sure someone here knows the solution. I have the IMEI of it. Thanks in advance
  2. Tbh I thought about just buying a Win 10 pro key and adding it. This university licences always have problems in my experience. Would it work without problem to update it to Pro then?
  3. How can I see this? I only know that it shows on my computer at "All Info" my name and administration. But on the laptop it just says name email and nothing else. The laptop wants to know a Password now too, but we didn't set up any.
  4. It just says Workgroup: WORKGROUP
  5. I don't even know. How to find this out?
  6. Nope, well it's my friends laptop and she didn't get kicked out of university but somehow it's not working.
  7. The key is from university. Even my linked account is not working anymore. And I can not link my existing account to windows.
  8. Hey guys somehow I have limited admin rights on a laptop. There is a message when I want to update that my "organization is managing" the rights. How can I set it back and regain will admin rights? Thanks in advance! P.S. it's a university key!
  9. Hip

    Is this panel ok?

    I would like to know if this is already much backlight bleeding?
  10. Hip

    Is this panel ok?

    Hey guys I would like to know from you if this panel is OK or is the glow/bleeding too heavy on this one? Thank you in advance! WhatsApp_Video_2020-08-06_at_22_40_19.mp4
  11. Unfortunately this happens over and over again when I scroll down and up the file.
  12. Hey guys, does anyone know why I always get this kind of tearing when scrolling down in .pdf files? This does not happen when I scroll up! Only when I scroll down. Thanks in advance.
  13. I changed it now but not it still does not work
  14. Tried out everything and nothing is working. A friend of mine has the same problem since the new Windows 10 update. I updated today again and now the printer is at least shown again. But when I try to print it wants to save the file as pdf and not print.