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  1. I would much rather go for LG 48 CX. 48 inches, 4K, OLED, 120Hz, G-Sync over HDMI - pair that with MS Power Toys for better window tiling and you've got yourself a much better value proposition.
  2. Ugly is a subjective thing. That thing above looks alright, it reminds me of the Vaio UX micro PC, and I'm kind of liking the resemblance.
  3. KeyOne is nice, but only up until the point when you have to type in Russian. That keyboard is terrible for multilingual users.
  4. I feel like it's one of those "cheesy leaks", same as we had before the 3000 series launch. Does anyone remember? Those just disappeared into obscurity, and so will this one.
  5. At least you can still sideload apps on Android, but it's an unwelcome development regardless of anything. If things keep going in that direction, buying a Linux phone might become a much better option than it is right now.
  6. You need a Threadripper nice processor first and foremost. What I think people fail to understand is that with 12k footage you don't necessarily render it in full resolution, but you can crop and compose your shot however you like, it's an order of magnitude more area than 1080p meaning you can stabilise your footage and do pan and zoom effects without actually moving the camera around.
  7. "This never happened before, yet here we go again."
  8. I'd probably rather buy the Flight Simulator through Steam and cancel my game pass subscription. This feels too cheaty considering everyone's been warned well in advance that this would happen.
  9. It has AV1 hardware decoding, but what about encoding? I'd really prefer to have that
  10. It's not on par with external tracking, but it has improved a lot. The Reverb G2 that I was talking about has side-facing tracking cameras in addition to forward-facing ones, and hands-on reviewers report that it basically doesn't lose the controllers if you reach behind your back, but it's still sketchy if the controller is right in front of your face, though that can be fixed through firmware updates.
  11. There are enough good headsets besides HTC and Valve to allow to completely forget about Oculus. I was surprised to discover that some Windows Mixed Reality headsets offer better features than even the Index, namely the Reverb G2 which is coming out soon and has a clearer and sharper image than any other headset. There's also a Samsung Odyssey+ and Asus Ojo 500 to choose from. Oculus ceasing to be an option is really no big deal for both new shoppers and current owners. The former can buy literally anything else, the former have time until 2023 to upgrade. P.S.: Persona
  12. I'd get the next iPhone for its 5.4" screen but Apple keeps shooting itself in the leg repeatedly. I can't run two separate Discord clients on iOS, there are no decent apps for obscure chatting protocols like Jabber or IRC, no real way to work with files, and now they're blocking cloud gaming (with Parsec not being available and xCloud having just been denied from AppStore). I guess I'll give my money to someone else then!
  13. Thanks, but I'll wait for Windows Mobile and QWERTY-equipped communicators to be resurrected. Those were the trends I liked the most.