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  1. Hello. I'm currently looking for a display that has decent reaction time, eliminates most ghosting and is under 300$. I need it mostly for FPS games. Preferably flat, but i'm eager to cry curved.
  2. I recently did memtest on my PC that i'm having problems with. If i understand correctly, if i boot memtest USB with UEFI it will not move to other parts of the RAM to test the part it was occupying before? Here is the information i found on their official support page. MemTest86 is also inherently limited by the UEFI environment and as such, gives rise to the following limitations: MemTest86 USB flash drives cannot be read in Windows XP (32-bit) due to its lack of support of GPTdisks MemTest86 cannot remap itself to different portions of memory in order to run tests in t
  3. Recently I bought a new PC. Not everything is working as intended and i wanted to check RAM for possible errors. When i boot ubuntu usb (legacy+uefi) and Windows os configuration: CSM other option being Uefi) i dont see option to boom memtest anywhere in grub. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Unfortunately i know jack about monitors. I'm interested in something that will protect me from eye ache, and give smooth image. Which one would you guys reccomend from those listed above? All of the are on sale on the site i use.
  5. Cool, i was worried there for a second. Thanks.
  6. Hello. I recently bought a new PC unable to install windows I'm messing in BIOS. CPU fan speed displays either 100-400 RPM and switches to disconnected. Can that be normal or is something malfunctioning? Motherboard: z390 msi tomahawk, CPU cooler dark rock pro 4
  7. Sorry for asking so many dumb questions, but do i need to do anything to make it UEFI compatible? Or it should make a bootable compatible with uefi?
  8. so i just make ubuntu bootable using for an example PowerISO then i plug it in select it as a fist option for boot in bios and that's it? Or does the procedure go different?
  9. Unfortunately I don't have any spare ones laying around to check. BIOS detects it if it matters.
  10. I tried re-inserting my ram , other flash drive with win 10 iso. Can't think of anything else that might be causing problems. Now i left CMD window open in language choice and got bluescreen.
  11. Hello. I can't install windows on my ssd for some reason. It freezes during key entering or preparing to files to install. Mouse and keyboard isn't functional when it freezes. I want to display log from c:/windows/panther or something like that, to see what's going on. Anyone knows if that's possible?
  12. Probably a dumb question, i'm currently installing win 10 on ssd with legacy+uefi. It's preparing files for installation but it's doing it so slow. Did i mess up by picking that bios setting, or can i switch it later without any problems? Side note: it had (has?) windows 10 on it from my previous pc i was planning on formating it.
  13. Hello. I just finished building my new PC and with intention of formating and installing win 10 i inserted old ssd with win 10 on it. Now PC doesn't display anything, doesn't react to connecting mouse/keyboard and i can't turn it off by pressing the button (holding might work but i want to do it as the last resort) can any one explain what's going on?
  14. I currently have 2070 super and it requires 14 pins for power. My power supply has 2 modular cables with vga1 2x(6+2)pins and vga2 2x(6+2)pins. My question is does it need to be 1/2 or can it be 2/2? Probably stupid question but just wanted to make sure.