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  1. I agree with Linus the carbon fiber looks sweet
  2. piggykid1

    What Is The Name Of This?

    Thank you very much that is it!
  3. piggykid1

    What Is The Name Of This?

    A while ago I was on a crowd funding site (don't not exactly which one) and there was a guy who made a programming shell, that when it was demonstrated in the video, seemed to be fun and not require much or any programming knowledge. Thanks!
  4. piggykid1

    Asus Monitor question

    Agreed go IPS
  5. piggykid1

    I've Always Wondered...

    Same I have thought that don't know why though
  6. piggykid1

    Sony Xperia Z2

    I love the screen, camera, and since I'm clumsy it has water and dust proofing. I like dbrand because they sponsored this video and their website is very aesthetically pleasing.
  7. piggykid1

    Corsair or Cooler Master

    Yup the Kraken X61 is amazing beats any other cooler
  8. Nice! And also I was sent here from you link in the WAN Show
  9. piggykid1

    Fridge Cooling?

  10. piggykid1


    @Rumikarimu Hey I am having a little trouble with finding the same font and text size... do you have it saved on your computer that you can see what it is? Thanks!
  11. piggykid1

    Swiftech H220-X

    I like the color interchangeable CPU block plastic pieces.
  12. piggykid1

    GPU Temps too high?

    That is very high for that game but depends on case fans, what gpu, how good of airflow your case has etc. I suggest downloading MSI Afterburner and cranking up the fan speed to 100%, check for dust, and re-apply high quality thermal paste.