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    Spend my free time when I'm not on the water working on computers.
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    A10-7850K (4.6Ghz OC)
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB (4x4)
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  1. I would suggest a larger PSU, even if its estimated that it won't pull as many watts as the PSU is rated for. With a gtx 1080, and a AMD 1700 with all other components power consumption may rise due to heavier loads that whats expected, and a custom water cooling loop. I would look at something like 600-750W PSU's. I really doubt you'll hear the fan on the PSU if its running, it would be annoying to run into PC shutdowns or PSU over-drawing due to not having the power needed.
  2. I would suggest flushing it out with freshwater, salt water is much more conductive than freshwater. After that, and a thorough drying see if the message still occurs, if it does it may have water damage because of the salt.
  3. Yes, the one in your hand is molex. It should have come with an adapter, or your psu already has one. I've seen them on the ends of SATA power cables
  4. That's molex. Your PSU should have come with some 6 pin PSU side to Molex adapters for extra powering.
  5. Sounds like the display is going out, if there's no loose connections your next best bet is to replace the screen
  6. I've often used GPUBoss to determine what GPU to buy when cards are a close call. http://gpuboss.com/gpus/Radeon-RX-480-vs-GeForce-GTX-1060 Don't use that shtuff I guess. Ignore me. They're both great performing cards and at this point it's nearly just AMD VS. Nvidia brand, personally I'd choose the GTX 1060, probably the 6GB version, because of it's slightly higher scores.
  7. From what I understand when Windows installs, it uses information from your motherboard, CPU, things like that to optimize itself. Last time I did a motherboard swap a reinstall was needed because Windows wasn't very happy with what I did, and decided not to allow it to boot from my OS drive. Do a backup and when you can do a reinstall, that's your best bet.
  8. I think the main reason would be that if it wasn't covered in plastic, it would expose the connections, leaving power shortages at a higher risk. And potentially manufacturing costs. Having it at a 90* angle would be so much better, I agree. But people like FrozenCPU also make right angle connectors like these: http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g51/c379/s1014/list/p1/Connectors-24_Pin_Connectors-24-Pin_90_Male-Page1.html
  9. Basically any NAS will work, you can purchase them without drives and with drives installed. As for using a SSD for cache (i might be wrong) to my knowledge that can kill SSD's, at least I had it happen to me, but it can be done but didn't make a large overall performance upgrade. Gaming over a NAS? I feel that would have too large of a delay to get from the NAS to your PC, and add to the latency. It can be done but it's system dependant. Here's just a basic 2 pay NAS enclosure: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA10V3ZU6857&cm_re=nas_enclosure-_-0VN-000U-
  10. Unless it were to strike directly to the ethernet cable, and right to the computer, it's very unlikely to get that far and cause any damage. Since it would have to go through the source cable, (modem?), networking switch then anything else you might have from outside to your computer.
  11. Well it's a great phone, the early ones had a bad battery, obviously. But according to their website they now have a new battery installed, so IMO it's worth it, just make sure you get one with a new battery.
  12. For some reason I didn't notice that part. my bad.
  13. Is the switch on the back of your power supply flipped to the "on" position?
  14. You really have nothing to worry about unless the metal bends where it's mounted to the case, and removing the whole cooler would be a pain just to move a little ways. The biggest thing to worry about is flex from your graphics card, everything else should be solid if mounted properly.
  15. In my limited experience with m.2 drives, it's good because it takes up no space, and doesn't use any cables. I don't think you will see a huge increase in performance using it as an OS drive, more of clearing up space on your current SSD for more storage