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  1. Playing MDL this season or in the past? Who are you playing for?
  2. That old APU is 2 cores in 1 module. Notice it says 2 logical processors below 1 cores.
  3. If you think it could be a heating issue try underclocking/undervolting a bit and see what happens. Is the card factory overclocked? could just be a silicon lottery dud. At higher clocks you need lower temps, generally speaking
  4. I'd isolate the video card in a different system if possible to see if the problem persists on that machine. Run a memtest for good measure but I don't think it's a RAM issue. If you have an old GPU you can try using it just to see if a different card fixes it. It seems like your drivers are crashing or there's just an issue with the card.
  5. Are you monitoring temperatures/clocks? Are the games crashing with an error or just straight to desktop? Have you tried reverting drivers to 19.12.2? The 19.12.3 drivers you installed are "optional" (basically beta drivers) and might be more unstable.
  6. This can't be said enough times. I really hope they don't pull this stupid of a move.
  7. I think it'd be safer to say that buying peripherals is a bit of a lottery when it comes to quality control.
  8. I don't think your anecdote is sufficient proof that they make bad products. Plenty of people have had Razer mice for years with zero issues, myself included.
  9. NP! I've built multiple systems for friends/family using Phanteks cases and liked them so much I got one for myself. I hardly ever recommend anything else now
  10. Y u no release 5900XT? You've already sent Intel reeling, where is second blow in your one-two punch? We haven't seen confirmed pricing but competing with a 1660ti/super won't mean a bunch if the pricing sucks as much as the 5500xt.
  11. I'm a firm believer in Phanteks cases, I don't know if any of the P400 series will support your 360 rad but I do think this guy (or the black interior version) will support a 360 up top. Tons of room on the bottom, lots of room and cable management, sexy glass panel. Downsides are probably the side mounted USB and a lack of sideways PCI slot brackets. That'd be my pick. I'm sure others will have different suggestions