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  1. been on a mos def kick lately. top 3 hip hop artist of all time imo
  2. For both CPU and GPU I will get the highest stable OC I can get with minimal or no voltage increase, and then leave it there. Back when I had my R9 290x I got lucky, I managed a 1080mhz core overclock (1000 stock) and a 1400mhz memory overclock with zero voltage increase and only a 15% boost to power limit. It stayed stable without thermal throttling for about 6 years until I retired it for my 5700. It now lounges at stock clock speeds in my HTPC in the living room.
  3. Been on a slowed down Michael Jackson kick lately. It's actually insanely good.
  4. I've had great experiences with Steelseries mice and I love my Sensei 310. I had a deathadder for almost 7 years and loved it. Myonix has some decent mice aswell that I've enjoyed using.
  5. Playing MDL this season or in the past? Who are you playing for?
  6. That old APU is 2 cores in 1 module. Notice it says 2 logical processors below 1 cores.
  7. If you think it could be a heating issue try underclocking/undervolting a bit and see what happens. Is the card factory overclocked? could just be a silicon lottery dud. At higher clocks you need lower temps, generally speaking
  8. I'd isolate the video card in a different system if possible to see if the problem persists on that machine. Run a memtest for good measure but I don't think it's a RAM issue. If you have an old GPU you can try using it just to see if a different card fixes it. It seems like your drivers are crashing or there's just an issue with the card.
  9. Are you monitoring temperatures/clocks? Are the games crashing with an error or just straight to desktop? Have you tried reverting drivers to 19.12.2? The 19.12.3 drivers you installed are "optional" (basically beta drivers) and might be more unstable.