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  1. Could ask my friend who's in the same accommodation as me, but it'd be inconvenient asf for him, plus my setup would probs be a major bottleneck.
  2. I've been having this issue for ages and I cannot for the life of me figure what's causing it. I was just playing cold war and this happened https://streamable.com/kx27st This same thing has happened in a myriad of games, sometimes different graphical issues but this static-like one is the most common. my temps at the time Then usually a while after that happens, my screen goes black, montors lose connection for a while, game crashes, and the monitors boot back up, so I'm assuming the GPU driver crashes? but I'm completely uncertain, and it still doesn't explain
  3. Hi there, so I was just updating my tablet driver and uninstaling one from a different brand, and now all of a sudden after restarting literally none of my audio devices are showing up and it believes they just don't exist, not even in disconnected devices. What i've done: I've messed about in device manager, removing and reinstalling, disabling, and updating relevant devices. Ran audio troubleshooter which SAID it changed something and wanted me to restart my pc, and it did literally nothing. Ran IoBit driver booster out of desperation (uinstalled after), whi
  4. Some part of me questions whether buying a chair off alibaba would be better than the ones I saw on amazon tbh. Tho tbf alibaba has never crossed my mind when buying online. And shipping a chair from China would probably be pretty insane postage price wise.
  5. Yeah I can see em' for like £300 or so on ebay. But I can't really spare that much right now sadly. Plus alot of these ebay listing are collection in person, most pretty far so that's a bust anyway
  6. Haha, quite out of my price range at £1000.
  7. Yo, need a new chair. Been dealing with this one killing my back for ages now, not to mention I'm moving soon into a Uni dorm for game design, and the dorm chair looks just as back breaking. My budget is about £160 or so, the GTOmega Pro looks pretty good, not sure about the wing-type stuff at the side though? This one looks pretty great but it has alot of bad reviews, as much as it does good reviews. Just to say, alot of the issues i've had with my previous (cheaper/cheap-ish) chairs, include them literally falling apart, the back coming loose, and the height pipe thing
  8. This is the best pic I can get, but as said, it exaggerates the issue a lot.
  9. I've tried, my phone overexaggerates the issue way too much and basically creates a whole vignette on the monitor lol.
  10. Yo! bought the 24G2U off of OCUK two days ago before it quickly went out of stock. First time with a 144hz monitor, super bright and colors overall look very nice. BUT there is one small problem it seems to get a little darker towards the sides of the monitor? I'm unsure if this is just improper viewing angle, as It dissapears when i move my head to compensate, but then appears on the other side. So unsure if it's improper viewing angle, shadows from myself, or soemthing I should RMA over? I can live with it tbf, i don't notice it when playing games and watching stuff, but it
  11. Sadly out of stock at OCUK and for some reason any place it's in stock it's like upwards of £250? really weird. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  12. Yo, looking for a monitor to upgrade to. Needs to be 24" Have Freesync 144hz 1080p IPS £180-£190 I got a few I'm interested in that fit the bill, are also height adjustable AOC 24G2U Has pretty great reviews online, but it's super limited in stock. Acer Nitro XV240YP Seems like it'd be good? but it also has literally no reviews online??? Really weird.. Thank you for any help!
  13. Yo! Thinking of getting a new display. I have my drawing tablet which is IPS, and only 60hz with pretty bad response time and stand for gaming (obvs fine for drawing) Actually need something better for gaming now. So are there many good 144 hz 24 inch monitors about? Preferablly around £170 I'd prefer they have pretty good color too, but idk too much about monitors to be frank I can use my tablet as my second monitor for color, although I think it might be on its last legs. So far the main one interesting me is the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P
  14. Is it only the game crashing, or does more happen? like your monitors going black, or freezing up or something?
  15. Alrighty then. HyperX also seems to have a good mousepad for £18.