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    Intel i5 7300HQ
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    GTX 1060 Max-Q
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    512 GB 970 Evo
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    LG 4k & Dell 144hz
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    Corsair Strafe (MX Red)
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    Logitech G604
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    Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 20.04
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  1. To be fair, the ram has the same latency overall as the CL is lower, so it's really just preference. Also, a 970 Evo is significantly faster than the SATA WD Blue and is well worth just $30 extra in my opinion.
  2. I was forced to "upgrade" to G Hub for proper software support when I upgraded to a g604 after my g602's scroll wheel crapped out. It's definitely a more modern application, but it takes an incredible amount of time to launch, and every few weeks it just refuses to open and I have to completely reinstall. No amount of waiting, program restarts, or system restarts fix it. If I try to close it while it's in its infinite booting sequence, it appears closed but the "G Hub Updater" will still tick away in the background for hours, taking 30-40% cpu in task manager.
  3. Yep, I'd also lean towards the Tuf. I think the improved contrast and viewing angles provided by a VA panel outweigh the very minimal difference in refresh rate OC or ghosting.
  4. The previous suggestions are both good options. If you want a browser with focus on privacy, but want some of the comforts that come with a browser that's more widely supported, Firefox is a good option. I currently use Firefox and Duckduckgo and have no issues compared to my old setup of Chrome + Google.
  5. It shouldn't damage anything, though I did try this and I found my iPhone 7's camera wasn't able to darken the image enough to see any detail in the sun.
  6. The difference between a $9 mouse and a $40 mouse is obvious, but past that you’ll need to be pretty picky to justify the extra price. (Remember getting a better mouse won’t automatically increase your skill in games though.) With keyboards it’s really your choice. I can’t tell a performance difference between cheap or expensive mechanical keyboards. Some people swear by mechanical while I’m just fine on most keyboards. You’ll make a lot better decisions if you go to a store and try them out yourself. Like everyone else has said, ergonomics are key.
  7. Deepin is a good choice if you want a really nice looking distro, but I haven't used it for software development. I use it only occasionally on an old laptop for web browsing.
  8. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  9. You’ll get a lot better sound if you use stereo headphones. Some modern games have a form of virtual surround sound which usually will sound much more real than a “surround sound” headset.
  10. The things that I typically look for in a monitor are: - Resolution - Refresh rate(how many times a second the monitor displays an image, measured in hertz) - Panel type(TN panels have bad viewing angles but can have very high refresh rates, IPS panels have great color accuracy and large viewing angles but can’t have as high of a refresh rate, and VA panels are in the middle of TN and IPS. They have better colors and viewing angles than TN, can have fairly high refresh rates, and have a higher contrast ratio than TN and IPS.) - Color depth(How many colo
  11. Corsair Strafe (Cherry MX Red verison). When I first purchased the keyboard I didn't enjoy the linear keyswitches but since then I've gotten used to them and love it. USB passthrough is convenient and the backlighting is a nice touch.
  12. Five weeks when I moved to a new house that wasn't wired yet.
  13. I have switched between two providers a few times so here are both: ISP - AT&T Fiber Plan - 1000 Mbps Up/Down Real speeds - 750-800 Up/Down Rating - 3/5. Plenty fast for any of my needs but randomly cuts out, usually daily. It usually only happens for a few seconds but causes my access points to take around a minute to reconnect. Would be perfect without these errors. ISP - Google Fiber Plan - 1000 Mbps Up/Down Real speeds - 900-1200Mbps Up/900-970 Down (It did consistently read 1.2 Gbps on the AT&T speed test for some reason) Rating - 5/5