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  1. My PC restarts randomly when gaming, i looked it up and it believe its my PSU, one day like a week ago my PC just wouldnt turn on, some lights and fans would turn on, but it wouldnt boot. I gave up and resolved to take it to a profesional once this covid thingf would blow over, but today i tried to turn it on and it booted up like usual. What is happening?
  2. Lately i've been having trouble with my pc, it randomly freezers and even tough i can still move teh cursor i can´t u se any shortcuts or even open task manager, so im forced to do ahard reset, i have no idea what could be causing this issue, help.
  3. I have a weird issue with my microphone, I plug it up and my pc recognizes it and all, bit it doesnt pic up sound, only when i tap it seems to pick up something but even if i scream it doesnt record anything. Anyone has any idea what might be wrong?
  4. I saw the tier list on PSU's and searched for my power supply and was surprised to see how low it ranked. I personally have no idea why and would appreciate someone elaborating
  5. i currently have a ryzen 3 1300X and a gtx 1060. But recently got a hold of a 1440p monitor, so I thought it was a good time to upgrade
  6. Im looking to upgrade my pc and I am afraid of bottlenecks
  7. tnh im just scared of bricking my pc since theres been power outtages in my area recently
  8. I currently own a msi b350 pro vh plus motherboard and a ryzen 3 1200, I plan to upgrade it to a ryzen 2600x, but I cant figure out if I need to update BIOS before installing teh new cpu, the specs say the board it's compatible with 2nd gen ryzen, but its doesnt specify if its that way out of the box. I'd apreciate someone giving me a definitive answer