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  1. I just sold my computer and did not buy a new one

    1. LukeSavenije


      but... but... PCMR...

  2. PC Pig

    something problem with my monitor ??

    I had the same problem. GTX 1050Ti + Zowie RL2460, Linux kernel 4.15. After Nvidia drivers 390.77 update failure occurred. The fault occurs at startup if graphigs clock is over 1341Mhz When the PC is restarted graphigs clock can raise higher
  3. PC Pig

    Is it safe to buy?

    Nothing is safe when it comes to Aliexpress. "Pirate shit selling site"
  4. PC Pig

    educate me please? firetv?

  5. PC Pig

    Black Friday: What did you buy?

    One green lollipop.......................there is no picture because I ate it already
  6. PC Pig

    Show off your latest purchase!

  7. PC Pig

    Best pcie wifi card? Minimum 1200MBPS Dual Bands

  8. PC Pig

    Best powerline network adapter

  9. PC Pig

    Do you consider your PC parts as family?

    I cant sell any of my PC parts/PC, but i can sell my family members fairly easily. So.....???
  10. SuSe ----> https://www.opensuse.org/