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  1. i bought on 2018 so i have still warranty but some people said it will automatically gone in someday true ? currently my area is shutdown due to corona i dont know what to do
  2. i tried all different cables hdmi , dvi and displayport , and reistalled latest nvidia drive ( 1070 ) also connect different computer still that white line not remove . anyway to fix this ?
  3. so its not a problem if my mobo tem display stuck at 55 or b9 somethink like that ?
  4. x570 msi mobo sometimes stuck at some random number but its back after i restart my pc sometimes i restart double time to fix that but i want know that my mobo is ok or something wrong ?
  5. yeah but is that safe to use balance settings in that software ? any idea
  6. in dragon center user scenario i choose balance mode and now my temp is 43 average . and can i reset my bios to default setting ?
  7. i have msi meg x570 and 1070 , i have few questions 1. where to download all drivers for motherboard , drivers like x570 chipset , realtek , PIDE/SATA , lan driver and other drivers ? some people said always download chipset from intel or amd . 2. can i use dragon center live update for updating all drivers and software upto date ? dragon center user scenario have 3 modes what should i choose ( i attached image ) and it is safe to use ? also some people said dragon center override bios setting that mean its unsafe ? 3. sometimes bios update makes damage on bios chip tr
  8. but that makes degrade the sound quality right ?
  9. even all is upto date still problem came . windows , drivers etc .... microsoft simply said its your mobo type , most importantly its expensive mobo how that option is not in meg ace
  10. yeah in my old mobo when i connect both headphone and speaker it shows on playbavk realtek audio output and realtek 2nd audio output but this motherboard only shows one realtek audio output (realtek (r) audio ) , its really annoying i need to unplug if i want to use another audio device , in my old mobo i can simply choose which audio device i want to hear
  11. i tried that over and over again , both front and back are work fine but what i miss is it doenst show 2 audio device on playback when i connect both headphone and speaker . it only works one audio output or both at same time when i disable front panel in realtek audio console , microsoft said " your motherboard only works one audio at a time and you should unplug headphone if u want to hear on speaker " .
  12. i have issue on audio playback which only show one audio device , i connected both headhone and speaker i dont know why its not showing 2nd audio plaback device but my previous mobo have that option which i can change headphone or speaker in playback , i also contact microsoft they send mail , image down . please help
  13. there is no realtek audio manger in my pc . only realtek audio console works and it doesnt have any option like that