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  1. That I totally agree with. Although I can see how Breivik might have been an influenser.
  2. I think he is. A Swede do not express them self like he does unless he is a racist.
  3. My Linksys wrt3200acm caps at 950 while the Linksys EA6500 I had before capped at 500 The WRT has a good processor and tons of RAM the 6500 did not
  4. When it comes to music I pretty much only use youtube but I do not listen to much music anymore. In all cases but books I prefer the digital formats. Books is different though and a book will always be better than reading it on a screen that gives me migraines.
  5. Just check this list of tested routers. https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/old-tools/charts/router/bar/74-wan-to-lan
  6. That is simply not true. Very few routers for consumers can actually handle a throughput of 1Gbps.
  7. When computer geeks are for commercials and paying for stuff we know the world is broken.
  8. I love it. Probably the component in my system that I am the most pleased with.
  9. In my world you need a thick coat to actually go in to a server room because of the air conditioning so why water cooling would be a thing is beyond me Also in a real server hall sound volume is not a factor. If you have a few hundred servers a 1U form factor will be appreciated.
  10. I remember having huge problems with WD blue in the past but these days I run WD red or Black and so far none of them have failed me
  11. Same here. For some reason no seagate I have owned last more than just over the warranty. One time I got 3 new seagate drives on the same warranty. My conclusion is simply that seagate drives are horrible.
  12. This is your problem. If your router can switch out antennas you can get a better one that increases the range. 2 floor difference is simply more than what a consumer grade router can handle.