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  1. Hmm alright. Sounds fair. Might sit through it and see for myself then. Thanks.
  2. I thin in a way there are service like this, small businesses that offer to order food from anywhere. But they aren't "restaurants", they are food delivery services. But the idea seems to be the same. But if there is indeed a restaurant like this.. they wouldn't have their own menu right? They would simple think of the the ordering and delivery, plus marketing. It could be a possibility, since restaurants are trying out a lot of tactics these days. Ever received SMS from your local restaurants? Apparently there's this SMS marketing that's restaurants are trying. Maybe it'll come in handy for this theoretical restaurant you have in mind. Texting/chatting can require less workforce than actually answering calls.
  3. airENOwevEr778

    Trade in iPhone 8 for XS?

    Wait for 11! Or at least when you know its difference with the Xs. You don't want to think of switching again when 11 turns out so much better.
  4. So I don't have to watch Captain Marvel before the End Game??
  5. airENOwevEr778

    Tinder in 2019?

    LOL add this on your TInder profile and it would be a hit
  6. airENOwevEr778

    YouTube keeps crashing (Android)

    Is it the latest Youtube app update?
  7. airENOwevEr778

    Off topic chit chat

    Ow man, that's too early! Be sure to stock up next time. What I do is usually order online for my stock, but still go to my local shop regularly for my daily use. Why? uhm, well, I did a pros & cons for each years ago. My list isn't here anymore but I guess this can sum it all up: http://vapegrl.com/buy-vape-gear-locally-vs-online/. And just curious too, what's your fave flavor?
  8. airENOwevEr778

    Looking for a new high-end phone

    I liked your reply, not because I liked that your XZ died (hence, this comment) Liked your game plan -- Redmi Note 6 is a great option as you wait for Xperia.
  9. airENOwevEr778

    Smartphone constantly restarts on its own

    Either your battery needs replacement or the drop has led to internal damage.
  10. airENOwevEr778

    New iPhone for $200

    Hmm, seems like an okay deal for me.
  11. airENOwevEr778

    Any woodworking hobbyist here?

    Ever thought of a basic table saw first before the hybrid one? It might be cheaper, since hybrid table saws are used professionally. You might save a lot of money and still do the cuts you need for your home renovation projects (just my opinion). Anyway, since your question is about the hybrid saws, found this review of the Shop Fox W1837 plus other hybrid table saws from Sawinery. You might wanna check it out and see also other model they got in there. There's even a Grizzly model that's within your budget--a good brand, I must say.
  12. airENOwevEr778

    Is this a good phone???

    If you need it for just text or call like you said, this will work just fine.
  13. airENOwevEr778

    What are you doing this valentine's day?

    Like a normal Thursday. Excited for Friday.
  14. airENOwevEr778

    Dealing with Depression

    First of all, I think that admitting you're having a problem is already the first step towards getting better. So good job there, buddy. Second, it's good that you've found this community worthy of your trust to share this private info about your life. Third, I suggest you find a friend/family member you can confide too as well. And then maybe seek a professional's help. Of course if you're not comfortable doing that right now, you can take it one step at a time. Hope these small things help. I would also suggest you give yourself credit for everything you have achieved so far.
  15. airENOwevEr778

    How Did You Get with Your Girlfriend (or Boyfriend)?

    Man, how did you know what exactly happened??