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  1. Broooo I have sooo much cool stuff. I have an old FATAL1TY Graphics card. I will pull this stuff out.
  2. Oh it makes me sooo mad. Our parents refused to put service on our phones because they read an article on CNN like 10 years ago claiming the signal from "radiowaves" cause cancer. I called them out on it but they refused.
  3. Sorry uncalled for. I am just upset is all. Please ignore my rudeness.
  4. Real smooth Caroline. Smooth. No wonder you are not married yet.
  5. Lol Just broke up for those of you who care.
  6. I need Critique on a scene for a playwright that I wrote. I wanted to get other people's thoughts on it. I know its not great and I still probably need to work a lot on it. but any feedback would help for those to take the time to read it. ENG. 3 Playwright By Nicholas hanson (The Emperor Rules with an Iron Fist, alongside his merciless Empress Avelyn of the galactic empire. Successor Astruc has seen the injustices of his emperor and empress and knows that he must put a stop to what is going on. He decided to hire a assassin, Olympio Videnov, a Specialist that deals primarily w
  7. To be honest, I will probably get a lot of hate for this comment. but I would personally go with a Razer lancehead. That's what I use for LONG HOURS and it is one of the best mice I have owned. I will link it for you. https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Lancehead-Ambidextrous-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B06XH15HD9/ref=sr_1_3?crid=GM64DSFW9EF0&keywords=razer+lancehead&qid=1573058312&sprefix=razer+lan%2Caps%2C208&sr=8-3
  8. I love this soooo much. whats his name?
  9. MMMMM the salt is in the air.
  10. So you don't have any that aren't regular words now?