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  1. Mostly phone related. I bought a powerbank (which can charge more than a phone anyway), a few more cables and a case for my old iPhone 6s. Not the latest, but I also had a satellite phone (yes, yes retro). I thought it would be good for camping after reading some travel tips and this source because I wanted to explore more places this year. But it seems that it will have to be in standby because I think it would be unwise now to go on a trip. Oh, and also a new Paperwhite to replace my old e-reader.
  2. Depends on the size. But I could probably go for as much as 5. Ugh, this is making me crave for one right now.
  3. Cleaning and decluttering. Making my home a little more comfortable with some online help and references. Work, video games. It seems plenty enough to do for me but I do miss the "normal" things before the pandemic.
  4. ^ In the foreseeable future, yes. Before covid, I would have seen it is as over the top, but now, better safe than sorry.
  5. I only used the free version but I ended going back to Avast because I personally prefer it.
  6. Yes, that's my initial thought too. But wow, your dog runs on her side? That ought to be amusing.
  7. Dogs taking naps are just plain adorable. I often get jealous with how deep my dog sleeps! He would oftentimes look like he's dreaming, but for a few times he seemed to be twitching, I got worried. It's just him dreaming, but I did some reading on this: https://petsolino.com/why-is-my-dog-twitching-while-sleeping/ and apparently it can be a sign of a health problem? This makes me want to purposely observe him while sleeping. We can never be too careful when it comes to our pets.
  8. That's right about trademarks. As this source puts it, you should never let it drop. The competition might register it ahead to, as already mentioned, make the term more generalized, use the previous trademark against you, etc. And you might not be able to take it off someone who 'snatches' it from you if they are more prudent not to let the trademark expire.
  9. Remembered an episode from Friends because of this, specifically in the aftermath of Ross's disastrous wedding. Elliot Gould, who plays Ross' dad, says this to Emily's father who is English (at about the 2:10 mark):
  10. Don't ever put anyone on a pedestal or you're bound for great disappointment in the end. Wish you the best in this new relationship, remember that she is still human.
  11. Designing our home. I am yet to venture into creating our own furniture but it's part of my bucket list. For now I'm doing relatively simple tasks like sealing pieces/parts of our home with natural stone, prompted by this read. I also like watching movies and try to see something from every genre and continent. Broadens perspectives.
  12. Depends on how badly you were burned. The redness usually stops in days for me, but it takes a while, even months to get your color back if the sun damage was too much. Btw, I think it's normal to your face and neck be darker than your torso because they're exposed more.
  13. Using shampoo for toothpaste. One time, it was the other way around. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one as I've read that happening to other people online at least thrice.