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  1. Probably, maybe?! Hi there guys, we launched a new CPU with these awesome features, but don't use it on Windows .. Applause all around
  2. So, you're telling me AMD tested TR on Windows (prior to launch) and found no issues, then what's the fuss all about?
  3. It's a subset of, x86 can run very well without What if MICROSOFT would've ignored AMD64 extension? AMD would've developed it for nothing; Thus AMD did collaborate on implemeting it into Windows x64, but they dropped the ball with TR and it's implementation in Windows At this point, MS could give less of a flying fuck and ignore TR, at any point AMD thought it was necessary to have MICROSOFT involved?!
  4. I applaud your knowledge, lack there of, AMD64 does not exist in a vacuum and it's not an architecture It's purely an extension to the x86 architecture, nothing less .. nothing more
  5. did they discussed it with MICROSOFT during their development? I'm fairly sure AMD had to test their architecture in a win environment - nowhere at any point in this did it ever come up?
  6. It's the other way around, AMD has to adhere to x86 specs and they went off rails
  7. Windows to blame??! MICROSOFT didn't develop THREADRIPPER, AMD did - was AMD not aware what they were doing?
  8. You, sir, are incorrect just as the OP, and few others Nowhere does it say you can transfer just the OEM licence; where in fact it said that the licence is transferred with the original PC it was attached to Circumventing or ignoring the TOS doesn't make them invalid
  9. This is not a rumor nor is an error Directly from the horse's mouth: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/uktechnet/2013/05/14/licensing-logic-whats-the-difference-between-oem-retail-and-volume-licenses/ You, sir, are in error
  10. The population is "open" because they haven't seen any other alternatives How would anyone know to distinguish from right or wrong if they're only lived in wrong?
  11. it will work I strongly suggest you read the mobo manual
  12. 3*8=24 from the cards + 2 from the mobo = 26 And if you're not gaming I would not put an i7 K on it, doesn't make sense in the terms of money invested
  13. https://www.techpowerup.com/250266/nvidia-unveils-geforce-gtx-1070-with-gddr5x-memory https://www.zotac.com/ro/product/graphics_card/zotac-geforce-gtx-1070-amp-extreme-core-gddr5x Good news for the people who wanted to buy a 10 series card and not a more expensive RTX card
  14. Do you have issues with the CPU temps, then yes
  15. Use something like MiniTool Partition Wizard https://www.partitionwizard.com/free-partition-manager.html
  16. To convert it, all the partitions must be removed
  17. That might be the single most smart decision MICROSOFT has done in recent years, but I will still remain skeptical until I see and use the finished product Jokes aside, we'll now use MICROSOFT's Chromium browser to install Chrome
  18. It's interesting to see people drool over some metrics over a single outlet that sells pretty much in a single country