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Status Updates posted by totjup5

  1. Apparently screwed is an inappropriate word in this context? really newegg? 


  2. the average trump voter Crazy-Camel----57653.jpg

    1. AresKrieger


      The average Hillary voter


  3. Still waiting for the Pixel XL I pre-ordered to ship...... November 11th is apparently the estimated day.

  4. I'm really liking the note 7

  5. In the Seattle airport with a 3 hour layover.... Yay.....

  6. I literally have the highest score in the world in firestrike for my CPU/GPU combination. Feels pretty good.

  7. I'm now the proud owner of two GTX 1080s. Hopefully they ship soon!

  8. To whoever bought the last GTX 1080 Aero on newegg while I was typing in my payment information, I hope your card get's broken in shipping.

  9. This hilarious post made my day


  10. Noire's favorite game effect maxresdefault.jpg

  11. Eagerly awaiting the gtx 1080 launch. I shall have 2.

  12. Noire is a furry and goes to furry events in a cow costume.