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  1. I just probably won't be getting 20MH/s right? Can pheonix miner do zombie mode?
  2. are 8GB cards still feasible for mining then?
  3. So I am pretty new to mining and it is something I slowly wanted to get into to learn/mess around. I found some cheap mining rx 470s off eBay for $70. They came without the cooling shroud and were pretty heavily used. Anyways when I hooked them up with a PCI extender and switched them over to compute mode in the AMD drivers I ran them on Pheonix miner for ETH. Currently I am only getting 0.8 MH/s on these cards and I cannot really find the issue. I attempted to switch the BIOS but I am not sure what I am doing and the timing numbers do not match the videos I've watched. On top of that I am not
  4. I know its a big variety out there but what are some good keyboards that are mechanical, have hotkeys on the left side, and are full size. I only want to spend less than $120
  5. So I am looking into upgrading my r7 3700x by replacing it with a 5600x or 5800x in my x570 motherboard. I know it's not a massive upgrade and doesn't have a lot of value. But I want to upgrade since this is the last am4 chip and I have a high refresh rate monitor. From a mostly gaming standpoint which CPU should I chose? They've changed up the core count/pricing a little bit so I am unsure. If I get the 5600x am I downgrading in productivity but upgrading in gaming?
  6. I have been looking at getting some wireless headphones for my phone since I keep losing my Airpods. I only want to spend under $150 and there is a pretty wide selection. Right now I have my eyes on this pair. Any suggestions?
  7. Not really every launch day product tends to have some problems it's nothing new. The problems will quickly diminish as they make revisions to the product The PS5 will also have issues of its own
  8. So I am looking into getting new headphones for mainly gaming and very light music use. I am stuck between these two pairs since they’re similar in price and performance. I don’t have an amp but I am willing to buy one if it’s needed for either one.
  9. Hello I am looking into soft mounting one of my hard drives in an effort to make it quieter. The drive is currently mounted normally to the chassis but it is producing a loud vibrating noise. I can tell the drive is is mounted too hard to the case and the vibrations emanate through the case becoming louder. Would there be an easy way to soft mount the hard drive to make it quieter? The PC wont be moved much so my current idea is either mounting it with sponge or a rubber foam to try and dampen vibrations. If this is a good idea what type of foam should I get?
  10. Hello I am looking for a good video downloader that people use for Plex. I am having trouble finding a good one that actually works well. I want to be able to download Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube videos
  11. What would be a good frequency to try and achieve? I've seen others get CL14 kits to 3733 MHz 15-15-15-34. Would this be plenty or should I shoot for CL16 at 4000mhz? If I were to go this route would I just leave the FCLK and UCLK to auto?
  12. So I watched this video: After watching this I was left confused and couldn't really make my own conclusions. Right now I have an R7 3700X and Team Dark 3200mhz 14-14-14-31-97 and I currently have it overclocked to 3400mhz 14-14-14-29-43 @1.39v. My main question is, in my case, what should I set the infinity fabric clock to? For gaming performance what would the best direction be for this kit?
  13. So currently I have a Team Dark Pro 3200mhz 14-14-14-31 kit paired with an R7 3700x. I am looking to further improve gaming performance by overclocking and don't know what would work best. Where would the most performance gains be? Should I see how far I can push the clock speed? Do I change voltages? Should I loosen timings to 15 so I can raise clock speed further?
  14. I already got into my BIOS? I said it in my first reply. I dont think NVMe supports UEFI boot. In the BIOS there are only UEFI boot options for SATA drives