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  1. But would the people who access owncloud still be able to use their active directory login, in owncloud?
  2. Hey guys, I have a windows server 2012 r2 setup as a NAS on my network. All the users have their own dedicated folder as well as a public folder all users can access. My question is, can owncloud be setup, with an existing smb share and use the Active Directory users as users for owncloud respecting the permissions? I have another pc lying around which i can install linux on if that could help.
  3. People should have the ability to make money on the cards they purchased. It's none of your business what miners do with their cards. It maybe, increasing gpu cost, but then nvidia and amd should increase production to accommodate for the miners and gamers. People should have the freedom if they want to mine or not, because its a means of making money and that's their decision
  4. if you vpn into your home network, then you will be able to access it as you normally would
  5. Found this in a facebook group, the price is in aud. I know this doesn't include everything but you have lots of money to spare for the gpu and other accessories. You could also build the photon 2.0 by austin evans
  6. Ummmm sir, we already have that, thermoelectric generators, steam turbines etc.
  7. Yes but disk management does not see it as a basic mbr, and minipartition tool should not be displaying that, though i have encountered it doing that before. Unfortunately, it is your only option
  8. The partition table has been erased, though i can't explain why, it means the data is already gone. When you erase a partition table of any drive it destroys all the data on all partitions
  9. Unfortuneatly, due to there no longer being a partition table, this is your only option and all your data is gone