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  1. Do you set up new phones from backup or as new phone, this could contribute to your battery life problems?
  2. Some times I wish I could easily contact them just to correct them on certain things, especially when it comes to their Apple coverage.
  3. Can I just say I don't buy a laptop for specs, that's what my Gaming PC is for, my laptop is I device I use for note taking and portability. That and I find macOS a lot easier to use on a laptop than Windows. However I find it quire the inverse on the desktop side.
  4. I do agree that their channel content has shifted, but they've gotta stay relevant. Sometimes however I wish I was their Apple consultant or something, they constantly get the facts wrong! I mean come on guys, do some research before you make a quick video about Apple.
  5. Apple spend a record $10 Billion dollars on research and development this year! Just think about that, that's just under a quarter of their total income for this year they posted a US$45.687 billion net income this year. and about 2 thrids of Alphabet's income for last year US$16.34 billion! Apple didn't actually say where all that money went. OP: http://appleinsider.com/articles/16/10/26/apple-rd-spend-breaks-10b-barrier-in-2016-after-350m-increase-in-q4
  6. I think it's more of a "Because we can." kind of scenario. But if it offers more reliable signal than that's always a benefit.
  7. Qualcomm, along with Netgear, Ericsson, and Australian carrier Telstra, is announcing the first product to support gigabit LTE, a mobile hotspot. As an Australian I am proud to say we have some of the worst (fixed line) internet in a developed country, however surprisingly we actually have pretty good 4G speeds (the best I've gotten is around 200 mbps) and I'm glad to see the ISPs actually continue to invest in upcoming technologies. Now all they have to do is give me fibre and I'll be happy! Qualcomm also announced its first 5G compatible modem to be launched sometime in 2018. It'll s
  8. I do believe that Apple has the most cash on hand (some where in the order of $200+ billion US). However the banks would probably have a greater influence.
  9. I went postal Census and by the sounds of it, it was a good idea. Next time I'll try out the online system. By then it should be better... hopefully.
  10. A few weeks ago I posted an article about the Australian Banks and their want for iPhone NFC access. See here. Now Apple has responded! Talking about iPhone security, and I must say it's a fair point as we found out from Black Hat the iPhone is ahead (by a large amount) in terms handset security, thanks to it "secure enclave" (read more about it here and here if you wish). Giving a 3rd party access to this could cause a security exploit maybe Apple will one day found a way to open it up securely, but until then, Australian banks, just give us Apple Pay already!
  11. It was the same here (Australia) for about 6 months until one of the major banks decided to support. The other major banks and minor banks for that matter haven't budged at all. I mean seriously guys you make billions of dollars a year what a couple of million to you?
  12. I don't think they've "sold out" to Nvidia they're just more in favor of their cards, AMD isn't what they use to be. But they certainly are getting a lot better. I'm waiting for their higher end cards then myself and I think everyone else will make a new judgment on AMD again. As for DX12 vs DX11 games I think everyone knows that AMD will beat Nvidia in most if not all cases (at least until Nvidia sorts their s**t out). I must confess I'm a fan of team Green and would require some heavy persuading before witching to team red, but it's not total out of the question. But t
  13. Being a user of Apple Pay, and loving it, not having to unlock my phone and also having the ability to use my watch (even when my phone is't present) that is extremely handy as well, albeit a lot more awkward to do. I feel that unless Apple also opened up the Apple Pay API, everyone solution would be garbage in comparison. Being able to hold my phone next to the NFC terminal takes literally seconds since I don't have to unlock my phone and look around pages of apps for my bank app, then sign into that one and so on, holding everyone up while you do so. Apple will open up the NFC a
  14. I hope this won't affect Linus Media Group's sponsorships in anyway, although I doubt it seeing as it's still being run by the same people. Having used the service myself I do certainly hope they continue with their fantastic business model and great adverts. OP: http://www.recode.net/2016/7/19/12232698/dollar-shave-club-just-sold-for-1-billion-to-unilever