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  1. In Australia I pay $85 month for a Samsung Galaxy S7 7GB of data Unlimited calls and texts 100 minutes of international calls The Australian and Canadian dollar are pretty much identical.
  2. So TweakTown has just written an article claiming that the Radeon RX Vega loses to GTX 1080 at 1080p. They sourced KitGuru who found the results on TechPowerUp's benchmark database. Source; TweakTown
  3. Here's an update from TweakTown from literally 5 minutes ago, explaining GDDR6 will be coming to high end gpus in 2018 http://www.tweaktown.com/news/57250/gddr6-coming-high-end-gpus-early-2018/index.html
  4. Project CARS 2 is in the works, with developer Slightly Mad Studios showing off the debut trailer to the game, and man does it look GOOD!!! Original article and trailer here
  5. ComputerBases's performance review on the new Pentium G4560($64USD) shows that it's total performance is neck and neck w/ the i5-2500K($230USD) Gaming at 720p and 1080p the Kaby Lakes-based pentium G4560 beats the Pentium G440, FX-6300 and A10-7890K - while just 5% slower than the more expenisve Corey i3-6100 and Core i5-2500K processors. source; TweakTown Benchmark Results; ComputerBase
  6. It's not what he's doing, its what people can do with this. Being able to crack into someones PC without any security knowing via a fucking flash drive. That's an issue.
  7. I was just talking to my boss about this news and he's said the 3G chip was meh, the real thing you need to look out for is vPro, intels own hidden backdoor to your CPU. How did i not know about this stuff haha
  8. Didn't know about that, that's concerning..
  9. Idk about the same shit, show me another example of CPU's having an open back door with the key being in the lock ready to open whenever.
  10. Yes, and no, it's still a MAJOR flaw, in the article they also state that it's U-series CPU's, which are the ones found in laptops and small factor PC's like NUCs, which people usually take around with them.
  11. Laptops and NUCs, which IMO is worse than desktops.
  12. Positive Technologies, a security vendor has discovered that some of Intel's new CPUs have a debugging interface that can be accessed through USB 3.0 ports. This provides the hacker full control over the PC. Worse yet, it is completely undetectable by current security tools. TweakTown's Anthony Garreffa stated "The possibilities of this are virtually unlimited, as someone could plug a USB 3.0 stick in and upload malicious code, keyloggers, and virtually anything else they wanted" Maxim Goryachy at the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg Germany said
  13. In the latest Windows 10 update (KB3213986) users running multi-screen systems are experiencing stutters and clipped screens when using AMD EyeFinity and NVIDIA Surround. Microsoft stated in their change logs for KB3213986 " "Users may experience delayed or clipped screens while running 3D rendering apps (such as games) on systems with more than one monitor. To work around this issue please consider the following options: 1. Running the application in Windows mode (not full screen), or 2. Starting the application with only one monitor connected". Source;