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  1. Apparently screwed is an inappropriate word in this context? really newegg? 


  2. That cpu might struggle in places with lots of AI like Novigrad, but for the most part you should be ok.
  3. Verizon didn't even offer me something to use until I got my new phone.... scumbags... I know some carriers let people borrow GS7s so they didn't have to keep using the note while waiting for a new phone to arrive.
  4. as someone still waiting on the pixel XL i pre ordered to replace my note 7 I'm glad they rejected the update, I still need a phone....
  5. I'm aware of that, but it is too high off the table for that to be the case, and generally intel cpus will not sit perfectly flat like that whereas a cpu on an array of pins will.
  6. also, you can see that it's not sitting flat on the table, the pcb is elevated because it has pins. disproves that sandy bridge xeon bs yet again.
  7. That's been a thing for a while, I ran 660tis in SLI and 970s in SLI previously for just that reason, honestly I think it's just so that they can lower the amount of users going with an SLI config so that they can put SLI optimization as a lower priority to cut costs for driver development.
  8. not really news, this happened over a month ago
  9. the average trump voter Crazy-Camel----57653.jpg

    1. AresKrieger


      The average Hillary voter


  10. I don't think dice really had intel hd graphics in mind when designing the game. I would heed the advice of the post above mine.
  11. So thet spent 10 billion dollars and all they came up with is hey, let's make the iphone worse? Lol
  12. Still waiting for the Pixel XL I pre-ordered to ship...... November 11th is apparently the estimated day.

  13. Lucky you.... I have a problem where the game constantly just crashes to the desktop....
  14. Same here, i've got beyerdynamics, AKGs and sennheisers.... no way i'm dealing with this bs. If there's not a headphone jack I'll just buy a phone that has one.
  15. How? I thought battlefield 1 didn't come out until the 21st
  16. They won't. Idiots will still buy their products no matter how shitty they are.