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  1. When you enter a deal with a company like Fullscreen, no matter how bad it goes, you're legally but more importantly morally responsible for everything they do. For all intends and purposes until Linus himself immediately breaks all further communication and business with them is the same as if he manually claimed it himself: you don't get to hide behind a company you voluntarily decided to get in business with. Read above: I don't care and neither should you. It's people like Linus still being in business with people like Fullscreen that creates this problem as is on their end to end it immediately without question or excuses.
  2. For legal purposes that's what a DMCA claim is. Just because they've taken it back or because they might say they're sorry or they might want to claim Fullscreen doesn't represents them doesn't means it's not falsely reporting a crime when they know well one wasn't committed other than being critical (misguided as it might be) of their content. Sorry but if all of you lost your shit when the vergue did this to Kyle probably under extremely similar circumstances (Someone or some firm legally representing them acting in an overzealous matter) Yet when Linus Media Group is (directly or indirectly as it might be) doing it to somebody else all of the discussion on this thread is just character assassination of the guy who's on the receiving end. This is a double standard and you're all too biased towards Linus to want to acknowledge than none of what is being discussed here is any fucking excuse for this strike.
  3. Still not a crime like perjury which is potentially what Linus did.
  4. Just curious but does the Canadian with the still-expanding youtube tech business does gets sympathy for you? Is it the awful dad jokes and endless puns that gets you to care? Or do you have any other flimsy rationalizations to waste time victim-blaming while we have shit Linus should have under control and profusely apologize for even if it was entirely on Fullscreen's end?
  5. Misanthrope

    Deadmau5 on Floatplane?

    Yeah I'm sure that's the kind of fucking minefield Luke wants to waltz right into: Embrace a very famous musician that's just been disgraced for indefensible fucking homophobic slurs. Sorry to hurt the sentiments of the freezed peach crowd over here but this would make 0 financial sense as it would turn away a lot of the current and potential business for both floatplane and LTT going from 'friendly, harmless and intentionally politically neutral tech haven' right into 'Free Speech platform waiting to be taken over by flaming Nazis' just like gab. EDIT: Also no, I do not care why you think I am wrong and don't need any explanations, do not @ me.
  6. Or...Maybe Luke's friendly and laid back demeanor through the years has been a carefully thought out, makiavelian plan for him to take over the company first, Vancouver next and finally, THE WORLD.
  7. Terrible news for all the Fred Fuchs out there.
  8. Misanthrope

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    Everything is working as intended:
  9. Misanthrope

    The Verge: How we built a copyright strike

    Here's what's cool: nobody at youtube will do a goddamn thing to mediate. Kyle options are basically to sue or to get fucked. But since this isn't a petty, small time idiot like it was the case with H3H3 suing isn't really an option so Kyle's main option is to get fucked. Hell I am not even sure if Youtube would actually help mediate for someone like Linus if they claim him unless is fairly blatantly false. Is almost as if building a personal brand business off a social network platform of unregulated user content was a terrible idea for people to invest their money and professional careers into. They might be able to delay getting broke too quickly with Patreon and Floatplane and other "keep your head above the water" schemes for a while but at the end of the day, it's the youtube algorithm that drives the audience growth and without it (And henceforth, without youtube and their unmanageable, unenforceable giant automated systems mess) most of your favorite youtubers are destined to hemorrhage viewers and again, revenue support from crowd funding and parallel services. It might be 2 years or 5 years or 10 years but long term most of your favorite youtubers will crash and burn and will be looking for some "day jobs" at one point or another.
  10. *chuckles* Hey the fact that there's this much respond makes me think, at least at the back of my mind, that they're really happy about EA becoming really fucking predatory about their microtransaction stuff. But you know me, I'm mostly a dirty commie so I am always rather weary of stock price changes like this.
  11. That's like saying "Gas cars are hurting the environment too much, I am considering a plutonium expelling bicycle instead"
  12. Misanthrope

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    I'm sure it will backfire and honestly I kinda hope it does: The very top of the fucking billboard doesn't needs any more money and I can guarant-fucking-tee you that the smaller artists (That is, any artist below motherfucking platinum) don't see a fucking penny from Spotify due to their stupid revenue system anyways. Ads are fucking toxic but even if you support them, Spotify is fucking toxic from separate reasons altogether so fuck em.
  13. Misanthrope

    AMD Radeon VII Benchmark/Launch Mega Thread

    I was actually pleased to see that the card is not only competitive with the 2080 in terms of performance but finally also in terms of temps and power: The node reduction was welcomed. Now Nvidia it's still more efficient since I'd imagine they'd pull out even better numbers once they go down the node but for the time being they weren't first and thus it's a net positive for AMD if they can meet demand (Which would be a shame if they can't due to HBM2 btw but still, betting on both a new node and the newest memory is a gamble they went into out of their own volition) What I am not happy about is the apparent regression, specially since this was a bigger issue than the thermals were to begin with. All of the feature set is kind of meaningless to me now (Specially now that there's Freesync on Nvidia...kinda) but I'll still reserve my judgement until there is a mature driver if such a time comes before Nvidia releases a better product so anywhere from a few months to a year for AMD to get their shit together. So overall it's decent, but nobody should be beta testing drivers on an 800 USD product no if/then/buts about it are acceptable.
  14. Well "necks" can be as short as on mice and as long as on Giraffes after all. Note that this is not only a joke as this very thing is the thing that both Nvidia and AMD use to sell their GPUs after all. All recommendations always have to carry a long is of "X however Y" with Y being, for example, the few games in which AMD is just clearly better, if not for the price sometimes overall (Less likely nowadays but still feasible). So at the end of the day the myriad of options and performance numbers end up working in being rather confusing and unclear for end users. Which is better? - If you can't answer this in a single sentence and maybe 20 words, then PR already won for both sides.
  15. I do not think I can use this talking point any more with 1) Games being exclusive to Origin, Battle.net and now Epic games store 2) Significant and substantial-enough-to-matter differences in performance depending on the GPU chip you happen to have be it better for Nvidia or better for AMD titles Until very recently, even desirable features like Adaptive Sync were sequestered to hardware vendors only and for a while many (though not I mind you, I always predicted VR would fail) predicted VR would create yet another layer of separation and exclusivity Finally this is not intentional but one could say you have no way to effectively game on anything but Windows today. You can game on Linux but I wouldn't qualify it as effectively as it's still fairly hit and miss and overall wonky and delayed.