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  1. There's 2 types of projects and companies working on Linux: 1) Those working on "their own thing and failing" 2) Those getting shit done I agree that the expectation shouldn't be "Cannonical shouldn't be 1) and instead needs to be 2)" but if you recall, my beef was with everybody else in the Linux world assuming Cannonical was a good 2) and investing their projects into their base when they're clearly 1)
  2. Perhaps now it is but it was unnecessary at the time specially in the state it launched initially: a stupid attempt at trying to enter the mobile phone market and you see how THAT turned out. I can't really change your mind when it comes to preference but when it comes to Cannonical as a company the record speaks for itself.
  3. It's been what, 15 years? But I feel an "I fucking told you so" is warranted here: all those other distros should have avoided fucking with Ubuntu and instead work off Debian instead. Which by the way it should still be an option. It will imply quite a bit of development but hey, MX Linux (Debian based) did it right it's about time they share the top spot with Manjaro (Arch based)
  4. Sure it's not like transphobia has real world repercussions. (Also notice the dates, these are all current news)
  5. "Everything is sexist, everything is racist and you have to point it all out" - Most famous quote taken seriously when the context was specifically to self-deprecate about that very attitude.
  6. "The critics are wrong" is such a shit take honestly: it puts Liberal against Liberal in a competition of "Who's got the most social capital" (i.e. Followers and media attention) to "win" the argument. I am sure there can be legit criticism and legit points to be made for or against the game, once it is out for more than a few individuals invested in creating a fake controversy for publicity are involved. However as we have learned from a certain feminist youtuber that shall remain nameless, one can be critical of a medium while enjoying said medium anyway. Even if it seems as "destructive" criticism, it just aims at people to possibly self reflect issues of representation not to cause frivolous boycotts and other nonsense.
  7. I'd be willing to throw a symbolic buck at them for keeping things ad free after Google has taken a turn for the worst with Chrome (possibly) And no please do not try to make "web sites can't survive without ads!" argument at me: by Capitalists standards, most websites that can't survive with tasteful add integration that doesn't ruins the experience simply shouldn't fucking exist whenever it's some random dude's skater pictures or the WSJ ads can fuck off.
  8. I honestly do not expect a price drop at all since Nvidia would rather just confuse consumers with a bunch of in-between tiers but even if we end up being wrong about that, it probably can't hurt to wait like a couple more weeks anyway: I'd wait just long enough to get official pricing and third party benchmarks to see if a new tier makes more sense but I still wouldn't regret a 2080 today: it is close enough to 1080ti to be ok for moderate 4k (read: anything 4k but the most intensive games probably not maxed 4k just decent one from the top settings) and it has enough support for RTX for when it actually matters (Again this means: once smaller, easier to run games implement it you'll have enough performance to take the hit on the latest battle royale game with full Ray Tracing enabled, for the time being it's probably not an acceptable compromise but it's barely present on any games to factor into buying decisions imho)
  9. Why would you report on this before you steal a bunch of personal nudes to show the world how celebrities are usually not anywhere nearly as good looking as even entry level sex workers?! But yeah it's not surprising that it is happening after what we've seen in recent years: I just hope it has a similarly strong effect on Apple as it did on Intel but not expecting that to be the case tbh unless there's another massive leak as I joked above.
  10. Aye. More important: we have any word on how they're doing the processing for this? Because the fact that Facebook, the company that has the most active devices worldwide, wants to back this up makes me think they're interested in just very silently put most phones and computers to "mine" for it, except not mining cause you won't get shit but they still need processing power available. Up until now I've been pretty tame in not getting rid of Facebook (Culturally it is very different here in *.mx since people is almost unheard of and socially it is kinda the base requirement: I had friends give a "WTF is wrong with you" to another teen dude that stated he didn't have a public Facebook and didn't want to share his account with non-family members) but if they want to use my processing power they better think again: that shit's mine and mine alone to waste on nonsense, not for sale.
  11. Less options for tax avoidance is still better than more options for it. Establishing a shadow office in Malta might work to avoid bulk of the taxes but it isn't cheap to constantly on the move.
  12. I'd like to say "About time" but consider the implications: main issue with putting the breaks on technology is actually not any kind of consumer or even corporate market. It's military tech that will escalate things quickly. If China hasn't gone for the kill so to speak with their control of minerals yet is because the response would be well, excessive yet expected: Americans are lead by deeply prejudiced people so if regular "neoliberals" with a conscience (Spoiler: not a thing) had no problems with wars to protect strategic interests then current administration would basically deploy immediately to go over a major invasion of Africa and all other places where key mineral operations happen. Now China might be strong economically and technologically, but they know they do not cover the entire glove with military bases like the US so provoking a direct or indirect military confrontation, specially outside of their mainland (When there's arguably far more resilience on their part) would be insane.
  13. Well besides the entire "Worst person you know just made a great point" deal, I'd love for chief orange glow to have a go at Verizon for still using anything Huawei: It'd be a fairly different thing to try to play hard-ass with a huge company with money and power on your own backyard instead.